What is Syntagma definition/concept/elaboration

Syntagma is a word or a set of syntactic function within a sentence. It should be noted that in every sentence, words have specific functions and those that perform the same task become phrases.

types of phrases

The set of words form different grammatical categories. There are eight types of words: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, articles and pronouns. Syntagma

Of these grammatical categories, some of them can form a head, that is, the totally indispensable part of every phrase (the conjunction and the article are the categories that do not allow a head to be formed).

  • – The noun phrase  can be a word or a combination of several. Anyway, its core is always a noun . Thus, in the phrase “strawberry is a very tasty fruit”, the word “strawberry” is the nucleus of the noun phrase . A noun, pronoun or adjective can also act as the head of a noun phrase .
  • – The verbal is formed from a verb that acts as the nucleus of a predicate in a clause. Thus, the word “rain” within a sentence constitutes a verb phrase. Obviously, the verb phrase can be accompanied by a noun phrase  or other phrases.
  • – The adjectival has an adjective as its nucleus. In this way, the word “smooth” within a sentence would form an adjectival phrase. Syntagma
  • – The adverbial is formed by an adverb that acts as a nucleus in a sentence. The term “near” is part of the grammatical category of adverbs and within a sentence becomes the nucleus of an adverbial phrase.

Each phrase has a type of syntactic function within a clause.

Normally, every sentence is formed by a subject  and a predicate. The subject is usually a noun phrase formed by a noun or a pronoun, whose function is to carry out a certain action. For example, in the phrase “João buys shoes” João is the person who performs the action of buying. Syntagma

In the predicate the most important part is the verb form, which constitutes the nucleus of the verb phrase. This has the function of expressing something about the subject . For example, in the phrase “I like Anita very much,” the nucleus of the verb phrase refers to Anita, the nucleus of the subject .

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