Phrases and types in English Grammar with Illustration

Phrase in English

phrase is a set of words that forms a complete meaning and, does not always constitute a sentence and, a sentence contains several phrases contained in punctuation marks, which causes its meaning to be unclear and must be determined through context. The word phrase is of Greek origin “phrasis” . Phrases and types in English Grammar

The sets of words that make up the different parts of speech are also called phrases. Depending on the function they fulfill, they can be:

Types of Phrases in English Grammar

Noun phrase

Set of nouns that can occupy the function of

  • Subject:  The boy and the girl became friends. / The boy and the girl became friends.
  • Direct Object: They bought shoes, trousers, and shirts. / They bought shoes, pants, and shirts.
  • Indirect object: They gave flowers to girls and women. / They gave flowers to girls and women.

Adverbial phrase

Set of words that function as adverbs, that is, that modify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

  • With great regret, we inform that the program will not continue next year. / With much pain we inform that the program will not continue next year.
  • They stayed with him in silence. / They stayed with him in silence.

Verbal phrase

Set of verbs.

  • They are trying to tell us something. / They are trying to tell us something.
  • I have invited them to visit next fall. / I invited them to visit him next fall.

Specific types of verb phrases are :

  • Infinitive phrase: He is ready to start training. / You are ready to start training.
  • Phrase participle: The roof was blown away and lost.
  • Gerund Phrase: He spent the evening eating and drinking. / He spent the night eating and drinking.

Adjective phrase

It is a set of words that characterize a noun, that is, they provide information about its characteristics.

  • The house is not very cheap. / The house is not very cheap.

Phrases and types in English Grammar

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