• Hyponymy with its definition and examples

    Hyponymy Paradigmatic relationship recognized as one of the constructive principles in the organization of vocabulary of all languages  Hyponymy is a…

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  • Word and lexeme families with explanation

    Word and lexeme families Words were born to respond to the need for communication and identification of what is around…

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  • Semantic role

    Semantic role or thematic roles? Semantic roles – also called thematic roles – are a concept of linguistics , with which the meaning properties are…

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  • What is an idiomatic expression?

    Definition of Idiomatic The idiomatic term refers to everything that is characteristic of a particular language. Idioms, phrases, idioms . What is an idiomatic expression?…

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  • What is a metaphor?

    What is a metaphor? It is known as a metaphor to a trope or poetic figure  that consists in the displacement of…

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  • Semantic relationship

    Semantic relationship Semantic relationship , includes those relationships that are established between words, say hyponymy , synonymy , polysemy , homonymy and antonymy ; It is the relationship between two elements with…

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  • What is a semantic field?

    What is Semantic Field? The semantic field, in linguistics, is one that forms a group of words that share one or…

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  • What is the lexicon?

    What is the lexicon? Lexicon is understood as the set of known words of a language , that is, its vocabulary, which…

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  • Grammatical meaning

    Grammatical meaning Form,meaning,category The grammatical meaning is considered the meaning of parts of the word that are added to the essential part…

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  • What is Meaning?

    Meaning of Meaning Meaning is the meaning or meaning of a word or an expression. The term comes from the verb mean , linked to the sign of an idea or something…

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