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Demonstrative pronouns examples and types

Demonstrative pronouns

The demonstrative pronoun, in addition to replacing a person, animal or thing in the sentence, indicates if it is near or far, and if it is happening now or long ago. Remember that pronouns are a class of words that can replace the noun. Demonstrative pronouns examples

To put it another way, demonstrative pronouns serve to indicate the spatial or temporal distance of the replaced noun, and are: that, that, those, that, those, that, that, that, that, those, this, these, this, this and these.

Until recently, these words were accentuated to differentiate them from demonstrative adjectives , but the Royal Spanish Academy decided to eliminate the accent, since they are mostly serious words and an acute one ( that ) that should not have accents, that is, by go against grammatical stress rules.

For example: before, pronouns like that , this one or that one had an accent; now the correct thing is to write those , this and that .

Types of demonstrative pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns are classified according to the proximity they indicate with respect to the noun, and have gender and number variations. According to this criterion, they are divided into three groups:

1-Demonstrative pronouns of the first degree

They are those that indicate greater proximity with respect to who emits the sentence: this, these, this, this, these. Examples: ” This is Gustavo”, or “My apples are these .”

2-Demonstrative pronouns of the second degree

They are those that refer to beings and objects at a greater distance: that, those, that, that, those. Examples: ” The one next to Ramón is my brother.” Demonstrative pronouns examples

3-Demonstrative pronouns of the third degree

It indicates greater distances between the sender of the sentence and the object or to be replaced by the pronoun: that, that, that, those. Examples: “I did not live in these mountains, but in those .”

Examples of sentences with demonstrative pronouns

  1. Of all the plots, the one we liked the most was this one .
  2. I will not be like the one who saw the fruit and did not pick it up.
  3. People like these make it possible for things to change.
  4. These days have been good, but none like those .
  5. I want a dog as loving as that .
  6. Those can go in the back, next to those books.
  7. Tomorrow we have to face those , but we have to beat them first.
  8. If that doesn’t work, other measures will have to be taken.
  9. We will never have a teacher like the one from our childhood.
  10. At times like these I wanted to study medicine.
  11. That is the house we want to buy, not this one .
  12. If that ‘s what you want, that ‘s what you’ll get.
  13. Get those chairs out of the way, just get these out .
  14. I want to do it, but it wo n’t let me.
  15. If this doesn’t work, give him an aspirin.
  16. I don’t like this way, I would rather go that way .
  17. If that is Pedro’s house then we are not wrong.
  18. We would prefer a bigger table, like that .
  19. So let’s toast to those who couldn’t come.
  20. In these lay them in the room Eduardo.
  21. If those were his friends, he wouldn’t want to imagine his enemies.
  22. After that, Ivan was never the same again.
  23. Aren’t these the best apples you’ve ever had?
  24. Find that jug and let’s remove this one .
  25. Daniel is that one , the one next to that engineer.
  26. They will come for this morning to take you to the new house.
  27. Don’t give me those , they’re just excuses.
  28. Those are the shoes I want to wear tomorrow.
  29. I didn’t come to school to do this.
  30. The path does not go through these mountains but through those .
  31. If Rafael shows up, that could be a problem.
  32. Let’s find the one who played the best last Saturday.
  33. Diana is the one who dated Osvaldo.
  34. Those who studied will have no problem with the exam.
  35. Another time that one stole his fish, that’s how seagulls are.
  36. Let’s use these which are recyclable sheets.
  37. Don’t forget what our mother said.
  38. This is what Manuel wants, a good pair of pants.
  39. He doesn’t live in this town, he lives in that one .
  40. Take this one first , we’ll go for that one later.
  41. Those are still green, look for the ripe ones.
  42. The mornings of now were not like those of his youth.
  43. If it weren’t for this we would have arrived earlier.
  44. I really don’t think what you think.
  45. These are crucial days to know what the year will be like.
  46. The car I told you about is that one .
  47. You need what contributes to all success: perseverance.
  48. That ‘s the beach I told you about.
  49. I needed this to start working.
  50. And that ‘s the best colt on the farm.
  51. For those who are late, there will be no classes tomorrow.
  52. We work for those who cannot fend for themselves.
  53. The boys wanted that one , with a view of the sea.
  54. The best pages of the novel are those .
  55. That is why social distancing will have to be maintained.
  56. This is my friend Elena.
  57. We will go for those after school.
  58. ” These are the mañanitas that King David used to sing.”
  59. We thought that this could be the result, and not that .
  60. These are the best days of our life.
  61. Oranges that are the best.
  62. I don’t want to spend another night like that again .
  63. That is the best news. Demonstrative pronouns types and examples
  64. It should be a letter like this.
  65. We come for those who asked for help.
  66. You can’t keep upset about that .
  67. This is not what we wanted for our city.
  68. We did not choose that path, but this one .
  69. Those who break the agreement will go with them .
  70. That is not the way to solve a problem.
  71. You are looking for what you have not missed.
  72. If this is the way, nothing will stop you.
  73. I never believed that your friend was that .
  74. That’s why they don’t let us play with you.
  75. These could be the toughest hours of the pandemic.
  76. Fighters like that are needed every day.
  77. One day like this we arrived in this new country.
  78. Children want a cat just like that .
  79. Do you prefer these flowers or those ?
  80. We want what we were promised.
  81. Those are the clouds that bring rain.
  82. These are hot and humid nights. Demonstrative pronouns types and examples
  83. Tell me if these aren’t the best noodles you’ve ever eaten?
  84. If you add this with that you will have another result.
  85. Marina got injured by this from not using it properly.
  86. That is the highest mountain in the range.
  87. That could be your best poem.
  88. We went, but there weren’t those we were looking for.
  89. They are not like those who give up on the first try.
  90. He wants that as a main course.
  91. Patience, that is its best quality.
  92. He grew up in a house like this , with a garden.
  93. Are these and not others our resources.
  94. For that you will have a better view.
  95. Those are the tamarinds that Grandpa planted.
  96. You will not be like those who act without thinking.
  97. These strawberries are not as sweet as those .
  98. Think of this we want for our future.
  99. Not that the family hoped to find. Demonstrative pronouns types and examples
  100. Because of things like this, I’m still working on this .

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