• Archeology with examples and features

    Archeology The archeology is the science that deals with studying ancient societies  that inhabited our world from the debris and materials that survived the passing…

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  • Heteronomy with its examples and description

    Heteronomy According to this philosopher, heteronomy is the behavior that the person presents and that does not control it, at…

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  • Dialectology and its areas of Study

    Dialectology Branch of linguistics whose object of study is the dialect , also known as a diatopic or geographical variation of a…

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  • Slang

    Slang? Slang is the special language among people of the same trade or activity. Rodríguez (1999) defines the slang concept as a part of…

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  • Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

    Sapir-Whorf hypothesis According to this hypothesis, the language we speak makes us think and perceive things differently.Traditionally, the human being…

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  • Tag questions

    Tag questions? The “question tags” are small questions that are used to confirm or deepen a topic of interest to…

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  • Culture and its contents

    Meaning of Culture Culture refers to the set of material and spiritual goods of a social group transmitted from generation…

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  • Diglossia

    Diglossia Diglossia is the situation that occurs when two languages ​​with different social status coexist in the same territory, so…

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  • Dialect

    DIALECT It is known as a dialect to the linguistic system that derives from another but does not exhibit sufficient differentiation from others of…

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  • Standard language

    Standard language A standard language  is a particular dialect of a language that has received legal or quasi- legal status in some jurisdiction, where it is…

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