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Nouns examples with types


A noun is a grammatical category or word class that is used to name an object or subject . Formerly the noun was assigned as a name, since it names objects, people , places, feelings, animals and other beings. Eg Juan , car , house . Nouns examples

The noun, in turn, can be classified according to the things it names. First, the nouns are divided into:

Types of nouns

Own / common

  • Proper nouns . They designate unique entities and such entities can be people, animals, countries, cities, rivers, institutions. For example: Juan, Manuel, Buenos Aires, Brazil.
  • Common nouns . They refer to things in general, which are not owned by anyone and that do not refer to a specific member within a community. That is, they serve to identify things, but in a generic way. For example: vase, ant, castle. Nouns examples

Concrete / abstract

  • Concrete nouns . They name a material element, tangible and perceptible with the senses. For example: car, shelf, dog.
  • Abstract nouns . They name non-tangible elements, such as feelings, emotions or ideas. For example: justice, creativity.

Collective / individual

  • Individual Nouns . They name individual things or goals. For example: cup, horse.  
  • Collective nouns . They name a set of objects or individuals, without being a plural word. For example: herd, choir, mall. Nouns examples

Examples of nouns

can opener provision talking
air table PC
books school fluff
Andrew sphere peripheral
animal corner dog
helmet Eugenia swimming pools
grass notebook plant
Argentina Fernanda Poland
atom France coasters
Belen cookie Program
Beto Guadeloupe door
button guitar chemistry
Brazil sheet rectangle
Brussels idea clothes
cable Juanita chair
calculator toy sound
binder July Spotify
purse La Coruña dirt
mobile parrots substance
lock Louisiana viewer
grass spring television
Chile Mariano land
notebook mausoleum Tiger
circle table Thomas
city Mexico employee
plum molecule job
clarity mouse triangle
carnation piece of furniture tulip
competition Nicolas utensil
computer notes glass
rope NY window
Denmark phone glass
seat screen fiddle
drums Paris visit

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