• Features of Direct and indirect speech

    Direct and indirect speech Direct speech Direct speech characterized by a faithful reproduction of character expression. On one occasion, I…

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  • Grice’s principle of cooperation

    Grice’s principle of cooperation A very general pragmatic assumption of communicative exchange is understood as the principle of cooperation , whereby a certain behavior is expected…

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  • Inference and its process

    Inference and its process The etymological origin of the term inference, we must proceed to move to Latin. There we…

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  • Deictics and its different types

    Deictics Deictics are very important to understand. we will elaborate the Deictics and its different types here. A deictic is a word…

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  • The conversational implicatures

    The conversational implicatures The conversational implicature is the metamessage of the discourse, the covert information. It is what is said through…

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  • Cataphora

    Cataphora? Cataphora  referred to in the text linguistics a linguistic unit that is available for a subsequent text linguistic unity. A pro form (for…

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  • Anaphora

    What is anaphora? A rhetorical figure or literary figure is called anaphora , which is used to give the written text greater beauty or greater expressive power , and…

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  • The Theory of Relevance

    The Theory of Relevance (Sperber and Wilson) The theory of relevance is based on the dimensioning to one of Grice’s…

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  • Grice’s conversational maxims

    Grice’s conversational maxims The British philosopher Herbert Paul Grice (1913-1988) helped give the language a pragmatic approach and proposed some…

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  • Speech acts of John R. Searle

    Speech acts of John R. Searle   Biographical outline John Rogers Searle ( Denver , Colorado , 31 July of 1932 ) is a professor Slusser of philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley , and…

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