What is Pedagogy definition/concept/elaboration

Pedagogy is the discipline that deals with education as a whole. The pedagogue is an expert in the theory and practice of everything that is part of academic training.

The idea of ​​pedagogy is very broad and for this reason it makes sense to make a brief tour of the different planes of this discipline.

Various Education Plans

Pedagogy has a historical dimension, since since ancient times there have been educational programs to train children within an education system , for example, the Greeks of the classical period have a public teaching project and give importance to the care of the body , to music and poetry.

Likewise, pedagogy has a theoretical plan on the educational phenomenon and tries to answer three questions in general: what to teach, how to teach and what to teach for. From these questions it is possible to create an educational model within one line or another. It should be emphasized that education is not simply a series of subjects or a set of learning techniques, but that it also incorporates values ​​(of solidarity , respect, self- improvement , discipline, etc.).

Any proposal or pedagogical model is within certain social and economic coordinates. A child who lives in a rural environment does not have the same education as one who lives in the big cities.

Pedagogy has a strategic role in society

All students and teachers in schools anywhere in the world are subject to the pedagogical model of the country in which they are located. The future of a country depends on its raw materials, its economy and its political system. However, it also depends largely on the teaching model presented. A participatory system that encourages creativity and effort is not the same as one that is based on the principle of authority and a political ideology.

Everything that is studied and learned in a school has social projection and ends up reflecting on the daily reality of the country. For this reason, pedagogy has a decisive strategic role in society as a whole .

Educators have a series of challenges: adapting technology to the educational system, fitting what is studied in the labor market and, in particular, training citizens of tomorrow.

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