Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. The study of this area is multifaceted and includes sub-fields such as areas of human development, sports, health, clinical behavior, social and cognitive processes. In you can find the fine glimpses of psychology with fine notes and explanation.

The word “psychology” comes from the ancient Greek psyche, meaning “mind”, and logos, meaning “knowledge or study”. As it is a science, it tries to investigate the causes of behavior. Consequently, it uses systematic and objective observation, measurement and analysis procedures, supported by theoretical interpretations, generalizations, explanations and predictions. will elaborate that Psychology is a very young science , with most of the advances happening in the last 150 years. However, its origins date back to ancient Greece, between 400 and 500 BC The emphasis was philosophical, with great thinkers like Socrates influencing Plato, who in turn influenced Aristotle. make you aware that Psychologists’ work is highly varied, but they all share one overriding goal. That goal is  to help people have a better lifeOur daily lives are profoundly impacted by the way we interpret the hundreds of stimuli (positive or negative) that we receive every day. That is,  quality of life occurs when these stimuli are correctly absorbed and given meaning, so as not to harm our lives.

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