• Paralinguistic and extralinguistic elements

    Paralinguistic and extralinguistic elements Non-verbal extralinguistic communication: Humans use different languages ​​to communicate and express clearly what we should say,…

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  • The History and evolution of Grammar

    The History and evolution of Grammar the History of Grammar can be defined in turn as the set of theories and…

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  • Generative grammar and its purposes and perspectives

    Generative grammar The generative grammar brings together a number of specialized theoretical frameworks in the study of languages, all based on a…

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  • Transformational grammar Concepts and Perspectives

    Transformational grammar The transformational grammar is a kind of generative grammar , a stream of language developed by Noam Chomsky that provides a set of rules…

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  • Concrete nouns

    Concrete nouns? The word that can act as a subject in a sentence is called a noun . Nouns, in this way, are names that…

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  • Government and binding theory

    Background of Government & Binding (GB)   GB has several predecessors and a successor is beginning to emerge now. While…

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  • X-bar theory

    What is X-bar theory? Development theoretical within the grammar generative proposed by Noam Chomsky (1970) which consists in the inclusion of categories of level means positioned between the categories minimum (the category dictionary) and the categories maximum (the categories syntagmatic). These developments were reflected in a change in the formalism of representation syntactic pre existing, that has to be designated by convention X-Bar . The phrases have schemes syntactic abstract in that it recognizes three levels of hierarchy, in time of two (the categories lexical – N, V, P, Adj, Adv and the categories syntagmatic – SN, SV, SP, Sadj, SAdv ), as happened in the early formulations of generative grammar . There are thus three levels of projection syntactic to from the categories lexical V (erbo), C (OMe), A (djectivo) and R (reset). The projection syntax of level 1…

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  • Types of phrases in english

    What is a phrase? Generally speaking, a phrase can refer to any group of words. In linguistics, a phrase is a group of…

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  • Phrase Structure Rules

    Phrase Structure Rules Phrase structure rules are ways of describing a given syntax language and are closely associated with the early stages of transformational grammar…

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  • immediate constituent analysis in linguistics

    Immediate constituent analysis in linguistics Immediate constituent analysis, also called Ic Analysis, in linguistics, a system of grammatical analysis that divides sentences…

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