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Nouns in English Grammar with examples

Nouns in English

A noun is a significant part of speech that denotes an object in the broadest sense. Nouns in English Grammar with examples

For example, nouns can mean:



2-Living creatures










7-abstract concepts



kindnessbravery – courage

The structure of English nouns

By morphological composition, nouns can be divided into simple, derivative, and compound.

Simple nouns

consist of one root:

home  – dog– sky Nouns in English Grammar with examples

Derived nouns/derivatives

are composed of a root and one or more morphemes (prefixes or suffixes):

friendshiprichness – teacher

Nouns are characterized by such suffixes as ant / -ent, -dom, -er / -or / -ar, -hood, -ion, -ity, -ment, -ness, -ship .

Compound nouns

consist of at least two roots:

seaman -in-editor chief

Classification of nouns in English

Nouns are divided into proper and common nouns.

1-Proper names

(proper nouns) represent one-of-a-kind items or objects allocated from the general class:

1.1 geographic names, nationalities, and languages

Africathe Greeks – French
1.2 personal names
Peter  – Smith

1.3 names of months and days of the week


1.4 names of celestial bodies

Jupiter – Jupiter-the Sun

1.5 names of ships, hotels, clubs

The Santa Maria

1.6 names of holidays

Halloween – the New Year

1.7 names of buildings, streets, parks, bridges

Hyde Park  – Broadway

1.8 institutions, organizations, printed publications

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • the Times – Times (newspaper)

2 Common nouns

(common nouns) – this is the general name for all similar items:

girl – table – town – city

3 countable

which can be counted and are plural:

one chair – seven chairs

4 uncountable

which cannot be counted and are not plural:


5 collective

have the form of a singular, but at the same time denote a group of persons or concepts, considered as a whole:

team – family

Some English nouns in different meanings can be both countable and uncountable:

  1. My dad reads a couple of newspapers.
  2. Paper was invented in China.
  3. Just look at those beauties ahead!
  4. Her beauty was stunning.

6 concrete

The names of individual objects and living beings:

chicken – chicken
ticket – ticket
tree – tree

7 abstract

the names of concepts:

problem – idea
Examples of nouns
can opener provision fluff
air writing periphery
love school dog
Andrew sphere pillar
animal corner swimming pool
Argentina ease plant
seat favour grapefruit
atom cracker coasters
boat Guadeloupe possibility
drums guitar Program
goodness sheet gate
button idea moan
scarf hump rectangle
cable toy clothing
calculator July chair
binder books sound
purse lemon dirt
helmet parrot luck
cell phone light substance
lock spring pallet
grass hand telephone
Chili mausoleum viewer
circle table Earth
plum Mexico tiger
city molecule worked
clarity currency triangle
carnation piece of furniture tulip
Colombia nose Uruguay
competition Nicholas utensil
computer grades glass
notebook number window
string screen glass
curiosity talking fiddle
finger grass visit

Nouns in English Grammar with examples

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