What is Comic book definition/concept

The comic book is a fiction magazine told with words and drawings. It is a literary genre of difficult classification , as it combines two different arts producing a unique synthesis.

Comic book is a genre that has historically been very popular among young people.

We know that these stories have characters that are attractive to children and teenagers. The best known are the superheroes, characters with extraordinary powers that defend humanity against evil, among them are Spider-Man, Superman, Captain America, among others. The popularity of his stories reached the cinema through action movies, with spectacular special effects and as a permanent background theme: the fight of good against evil.

In addition to superheroes, comic books or comics as they are also known resorted to other main characters: adventurers, detectives, naughty children, soccer players, among others. Comic book

As an artistic genre, we can also highlight the subgenres: horror , humor, erotic or science-fiction. In any case, in these stories, drawing plays a fundamental role, as the reader follows a narration with the participation of images that dynamize what is being told.

The world of comics began to become popular in the United States in the 40s and quickly expanded to the entire planet.

In Japan there is a specific genre, the manga. And in Spain, the word comic (comic) is recent, as the term tebeo was used for years because of a popular children’s publication, TBO. Some comic books are recognized worldwide (The adventures of Tintin, Asterix, Mafalda, etc). Comic book

Comic books are based on literature and, on occasion, classic works are adapted to this format to make them more fun and accessible to readers. Thus, the strength of comics lies in its ability to make use of literature and, at the same time, to be the foundation of cinematographic script.

For many years, comic books were part of the written press, in which the vignettes of some of the best known characters appeared. In another sense, there is a whole industry of comics, being a good example the merchandising that is created around them. Comic book

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