Most popular new year’s resolutions with 50 New Year’s Resolutions

New year’s resolutions

In this article we will provide you Most popular new year’s resolutions with 50 New Year’s Resolutions.

50 Most popular new year’s resolutions

Below are 50 most new New Year’s resolutions. Let us read!

1. lose weight

This is certainly one of the most heard goals around the world. If your greatest desire is to lose weight , try to do it sustainably. Avoid adhering to fad diets without knowing your health and understanding how your metabolism works. Schedule an appointment with a nutritionist, learn to eat correctly, with foods that bring the nutrients you need to have energy and energy in your day to day.

Do you usually rob the fridge at night? Put your foot in the jackfruit after a tiring day at work? Can’t resist the chocolate and instead of a small piece, eat the whole bar? It may be important to understand what your emotional relationship to food is. What are the triggers that lead to excess calories. We all have beliefs that we have had since childhood and that can interfere with a healthy relationship with food. People whose parents said it was bad to leave food on their plate, because there are people who are hungry in the world, tend to eat much more than people who haven’t heard that kind of talk. In these cases, in addition to the nutritionist, monitoring by a psychologist may be necessary .

2. Eat healthier foods or stop eating certain foods

This is usually an extension of the previous resolution. The goal is not necessarily to lose weight, but to start putting health-promoting foods such as vegetables and fruits into the routine. Or, for other people, cutting down on carbohydrates, removing items like red meat or any animal protein from the menu altogether. Enter here too, those who wish to stop consuming sodas, sugars and sweets.

Adopting a healthy eating style is extremely difficult when we are surrounded by fast food and the conveniences of modern life. To be successful in any change it is necessary to have consistency and patience. According to psychologist and researcher Phillipa Lally , from the University College of London, it can take a person from 18 to 254 days to change a habit . Therefore, if you want to stop eating animal protein, for example, the ideal is not to radically cut the food. Start slowly, reducing the days of the week you consume this type of ingredient. Techniques like adopting a “meatless Monday” can help you reach the end of the year with your goal 100% achieved.

3. Stop procrastinating

We often put off important tasks because they seem too difficult or because we think we can handle it all in the future. However, procrastination ends up generating wear and tear, poorly done work and even compromising our professional performance and even our emotional balance. The act of procrastinating affects our health and impairs our well-being . It can lead to an increased level of stress, lowering the immune system’s defenses and making room for infectious diseases like the cold or flu.

If that’s your goal for 2019, you can start by adopting a small notebook, diary, or planner. list the most important tasks and start the day with them. Finding the time of day when you’re most productive can help you get important tasks done faster. Always try to stay away from distractions! When I need to complete a task, I try to close my inbox, social media, and put my phone in airplane mode.

4. Improve concentration and emotional skills

Many people have been trying to find ways to improve their focus and cognitive abilities. To achieve this goal we can use several resources: from apps to meditation techniques such as mindfulness . The meditation can be a crucial resource to increase concentration and improve mental abilities how to control your mood, learn faster and be easier to solve problems.

Mindfulness protocols have been widely used, including in corporate environments, to increase employees’ emotional intelligence. With this, it is possible to understand and manage emotions in a positive way, improve communication, be empathetic , resolve conflicts and make more assertive decisions .

5. Meet new people

Do you want to make new friends, meet interesting people, but are too lazy to leave home? When we stay at home, we miss the opportunity to meet new and nice people. The first step in realizing this goal is to be open to movement. Swap the couch and netflix for a walk in the park or sports like crossfit. Invite friends out, accept more invites to get togethers, take group classes like dancing, cooking, wine tasting, crafts or anything else you enjoy. This is a great opportunity to meet people who share hobbies or affinities with you. In addition to being beneficial to your well-being, meeting new people can help with networking and your career.

6. Become more active

Some people don’t really have a big weight problem, and even get some exercise a few times a week. However, it is common for them to sit most of the time at home and at work, which can have a negative effect on posture and health. In that case, all you need to do is find ways to get around more throughout the day instead of hunched over your computer. It’s even more fun to share the activity with friends and family.

7. Be more confident and take more risks

It can’t be denied that a good dose of self – confidence helps us lead a happier life. When our self-esteem is high, we love and respect each other for who we are. We are generally satisfied most of the time and take more risks.

Try to observe your “inner voice”. Notice if she is negative and critical or if she is positive and encouraging. If you tend to be extremely critical of yourself, you may need to work on reprogramming the way you think about yourself. Always try to observe the positive things, your achievements, the compliments you received, the good moments that happened that day.

8. Have new experiences

One of my favorites. Every year I make a list of new restaurants I want to visit. I also have new cuisines that I want to try, like Koreana, for example. Other goals include visiting parks or new cultural spaces, bungee jumping , parachuting, taking a balloon ride, going on a retreat, climbing a mountain, running a marathon, doing an exchange or taking a sabbatical.

To fulfill them, it is necessary, first of all, to understand the complexity or ease of each one. Going to a new restaurant is different from running a marathon or climbing a mountain. If your experience calls for pre-preparation, try setting smaller goals over time. To run a marathon, for example, it may be necessary to create milestones such as 5, 10 and 21km until you reach the dreamed 42km.

9. Make more money

Even billionaires are always looking for ways to make more money. And we ordinary people can definitely use an additional source of income to make life a little more comfortable. Fortunately, there are many options available like renting your property or part of it in apps like Airbnb. If you like or have pets, you can also host other cute pets in your house and earn extra income. Doghero is an excellent option for those who want to earn a little extra money and still have fun with the furry ones. Starting a blog, using your cooking skills, working as a freelancer, speaking or teaching can also be ways to earn more money in the coming year.

Now if your goal is to get promoted or find a job that pays a higher salary, start by assessing your current situation. Is there room for growth and promotion in your current company? Do you have the necessary requirements for a job change? If not, what are the skills that need to be developed? Start working on it, a frank conversation with your immediate superior as it is important to understand the next career and remuneration steps . And remember, be super open to feedback .

10. Be kinder

Kindness breeds kindness. Being kind can have both physical and mental benefits. When we are gentle our brain releases a substance called Oxytocin , also known as the “love hormone”. Kindness opens doors, facilitates connection with others, promotes improvements in relationships, and increases empathy. For a kinder 2019, try greeting your co-workers with a smile , thanking and acknowledging work well done, offering help whenever possible, giving your turn or simply inviting someone over for dinner or a drink .

11. Reduce stress

The stress can have a very destructive effect our relationships and health. I know this is an inevitable side effect of our busy modern lifestyle. A difficult customer, a tight deadline, or a problem at home can make your stress level skyrocket. Learning to manage and reduce stress becomes fundamental nowadays. Some strategies are essential for us to reach this goal, among them are going for a short walk (a walk around the block can already be very useful), listening to music that helps to keep calm, using some breathing techniques and learning to say no .

12. Stop smoking

This is an excellent decision for your life, health and also your pocketbook. The smoking is responsible for increasing the risk of lung cancer, stroke, chronic bronchitis and stroke. He kills thousands of people every year! As an ex-smoker, I am very, very happy that you have decided to quit smoking and I know this change is not easy.

To accomplish this goal, you will need a plan. Start by gradually reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke daily. Try to avoid triggers that lead to smoking, such as caffeine and alcohol. In the beginning, try to surround yourself with non-smoking friends. As you manage to reduce consumption, try stopping. Enjoy and throw away any cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays you have at home. If it’s too difficult, it might be important to understand what cigarettes mean to you emotionally. The cognitive behavioral therapy can be a great ally in this time. With about 12 sessions it is possible to understand their beliefs, behaviors and emotionslinked to cigarettes and get rid of the addiction. What’s more, it is now possible to do therapy online, and there are even programs known as tele-cessation from smoking.

13. Read more

Books are an excellent way to gain knowledge on a variety of topics. Also, reading is a great exercise for your brain. For a few years now I have made it a personal goal to read at least 2 books a month. I try to mix subjects that I like with titles related to my professional development. Reading helps to expand repertoire, general culture, improve writing skills, vocabulary and memory.

Ideally, always start with small, easy-to-achieve goals, such as reading 20 minutes a day, reading on weekends, or reading 1 book a month. The cool thing is to always respect your rhythm and create the habit . One attitude that encouraged me to read more was to start writing. Last year was the first time I wrote a text with reading tips. My article ended up being published by the Money Times portal and that gave me motivation to repeat the dose this year. As I read more, I also became a Kindle fan. Because it’s small and lighter, I can carry it in my backpack and read on the subway when I’m commuting to work. This habit alone guarantees me 40 to 50 minutes of daily reading.

14. Watch less television

Life is too short to be lived in front of the television. I’m tired of seeing people give the excuse of “lack of time” for a multitude of activities they would like to do: from physical exercise to therapy . In Brazil, each person spends, on average, 5 hours a day consuming soap operas, TV news, reality shows, talk shows and sports broadcasts. Most people waste a lot of time in front of the TV, time that could be better spent developing skills, learning, or keeping the body active. For those who decided to watch less TV next year, the tip is to invest their time in activities that bring pleasure, are productive and add greater value to their daily lives.

15. Be happier

According to Shaw Arcor, author of the book “The Happiness Advantage”, happiness and optimism are powerful fuels for success. To be happier in 2019, you can use a variety of techniques and strategies to reprogram your mindset. We all have the ability to change the way we process our thoughts, change our neural pathways and mental processes in order to become more positive. If your New Year’s resolution is to be happier, try to create an inspiring environment at home and at work, express more gratitude , forgive and move on, and overcome your fears. You can also check out more tips in the 12 must-have tips article for more happiness .

16. Sleep more and better

For some people, one of the 2019 goals will be to sleep 8 hours a day. A quality of sleep prevents obesity, strengthens memory, prevents depression, controls diseases such as diabetes, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and improves work performance. For quality sleep, try to maintain a routine at night and respect your bedtime. Turn off the television and put the cell phone in airplane mode, preferably do not take the cell phone into the bedroom. A good technique is to set an alarm clock that lets you know when to “off”. At this point, turn off electronics and go to bed. A book that brings you peace and tranquility can be good company. Avoid drinking coffee, black tea or stimulating drinks after 5 pm. Have a comfortable bedroom with curtains that promote a dark environment. A good pillow can also help you relax better.

17. Find new love

Loving causes chemical changes in our body. A reciprocated love motivates us, makes us lighter, beautiful and at ease with life. We often do not open up to a new love because of emotional trauma . To move forward, first forgive the past. It is essential to regain self-love and let go of fears and uncertainties. To start a new relationship it is necessary, first of all, to love yourself first.

18. Eliminate debt

Another quite frequent resolution. Repaying the financing of a car, a home or even a loan is the desire of thousands of people for the coming year. After a long period of economic crisis, and with unforeseen events such as unemployment, many people entered the red, needed to use the overdraft and ended up getting into debt. To catch up on your financial life, start by looking at your personal or family budget and understand where the money is going. Start later this year. Take advantage of extra income, use the 13th to reduce your debts and buy simpler gifts for Christmas. The idea is to cut non-essential expenses.

19. Turning a hobby into a profession

Not happy with your career moment? Your work doesn’t seem to make as much sense anymore? According to Freddy Machado, in his book “It’s Possible”, 36% of Brazilians are unhappy with their current job. Professional activities can be pleasurable and it is thinking that some people have chosen as a goal to transform their hobby into a profession. There are those who want to leave the corporate world to dedicate themselves to gastronomy, design, art, music or photography. Try to start activities in parallel. Try to explore and monetize your hobby in your free time, generate relevant content about your work, gain customers, followers and understand the exact moment to make the switch. Saving money is also a crucial move for anyone wanting to have their own business.

20. Travel more

I love traveling and this is an ever-present goal in my planning. To fulfill the ideal is to get away from travel in high season. Do a lot of research on dream destinations, leave alerts on search engines, compare prices and consider alternative routes and destinations. Never plan a trip at the last minute. Choosing nearby destinations, which can be done by car, is also an alternative for those who want to discover new destinations and relax.

Other New Year’s Resolutions

21. Taking care of mental health or starting therapy

22. Reduce alcohol consumption or eliminate alcoholic beverages completely

23. Be more organized

24. Spend more time with family and people who really matter

25. Learning a new language

26. Adopt a pet

27. Do a volunteer activity or get involved in a social project

28. Learn to cook

29. reinvent yourself

30. Learn to dress in style

31. Grow a plant, a vegetable garden or garden

32. Learn to meditate

33. Being less late for appointments

34. Learning to control emotions

35. Learn more about arts, music and culture

36. Learn a self defense technique

37. Spend less time on social media

38. Start writing a book, blog, articles or journal

39. Get a new job

40. Facing fears and insecurity

41. Donating blood or donating hair to an institution that supports women with cancer

42. Losing the fear of driving

43. Develop spirituality and practice non-judgment

44. Be more responsible, more creative, more sociable or more romantic 

45. Forgive more and stop being more critical of me

46. ​​Be bold and lose the fear of making mistakes

47. Do something with your hands and start expressing yourself artistically

48. Visit the doctor and get a check up

49. Rescue a relationship, make up with a friend or former partner

50. Take it one day at a time, without creating high expectations and without being anxious about the future.

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