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What is Research definition/concept/elaboration

The term research refers to any action that aims to solve an intrigue or a mystery, usually with police, criminal or scientific aspects. The investigation is nothing more than a deep and detailed research that reveals evidence or information that can help to clarify different situations. It can be done in several ways, as well as being specific or virtual. Searching is precisely the action of carrying out a research or investigation with a specific purpose. Research definition

Through this point of view, new knowledge is reached. The search for a vaccine against a virus, for example, is a common context that can be observed in the scientific field and in the health area, as it describes how a discovery of this nature has an impact on society.

The term research is widely used in the police and criminal investigations

In this sense, research is one of the ways, perhaps the most important, in which researchers have to solve a case for which there is no accurate  data. In this research, the objective is to obtain information that can be vital to understand what happened in a certain police event, to know who was involved, the sequence of events, etc.

When we talk about research specifically, we are talking about some type of search that can be to some extent exhaustive in a given place and more or less delimited Research definition

What is sought is to discover evidence that can be material (such as a weapon) or virtual (for example, data or information that remains inside a computer ). Generally, to carry out research that invades private property, there are police officers or investigators holding authorizations or written documents to prove such clarification and intensify the level of research.

The search can also be carried out on a person directly, for example, when a person is groped to see if they have dangerous elements in certain events or public situations. Research definition

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