Coaching for companies with what is it and what are its benefits

In the last two decades, a methodology, which aims to maximize professional and personal development, is very fashionable. It is coaching that influences the transformation of people and generates changes in the coachee’s perspective, in addition to increasing their motivation, responsibility and commitment. In this article we will provide you information about the Coaching for companies.

Coaching is an educational process that facilitates learning and promotes changes (cognitive, emotional and behavioral), because it creates a favorable environment and a coach-coachee relationship that allows self-observation, self-reflection and empowerment of the latter.

Different types of training

Although coaching is a methodology used in many areas and with common characteristics, some authors have made different classifications of this concept. Training was born out of sports practice, when some coaches realized that this greatly influenced sports performance.

Over time, it began to be applied to promote people’s well-being, when they felt self-realized, because, thanks to training, they are able to achieve their vital goals in a more realistic way. This method helps to improve emotional intelligence and therefore interpersonal relationships.

There are different types of training. They are the following:

  • Personal training : seeks the well-being of a specific person, both at a mental and occupational health level. Promotes skills that are applied in everyday life. It is also called life coaching.
  • Sports training : focused on athletes so that they can improve their sports performance.
  • Organizational coaching : Generally, there are two types of coaching. They are business coaching and executive coaching.

“In recent times, other forms of training have emerged. For example, nutritional training. You can learn more about how this methodology is classified in our article: “The 6 Types of Training: The Different Trainers and Their Roles”

Why Coaching Gets Criticism

While coaching is a very effective methodology, it does receive some criticism . Many of these criticisms are focused on how and who uses coaching. The truth is, training can really help people in many aspects of their lives; However, there are many professionals who are not fully prepared to apply it.

The problem is the lack of regulation. Therefore, it is recommended that when hiring a coach, he should also be a psychologist.

Business coaching benefits

In companies, the figure of the coach came into force. But what are its benefits? Below, you will find the advantages of coaching for companies.

1. Improve teamwork

Training applied in companies can improve teamwork, as it favors cohesion among members. Today, team building and group training are heavily weighted in leading companies.

2. Empower individual skills

In addition to improving the performance of the group, it also improves the performance of the people who do better work. Obviously, individual work has an impact on group work.

3. Help clarify roles

Roles in the company are important because when one person assumes roles for another worker, it can cause what is known as role conflict. Role conflict negatively influences the well-being of workers, as it can cause stress at work and burnout .

4. Set realistic goals

Coaching is useful, among other things, because it allows people to restructure their beliefs and set more realistic and attainable goals that don’t generate frustration. This occurs both individually and organizationally.

5. Increase creativity

This method favors self-discovery, but also makes employees value different alternatives that arise in different situations. It helps to generate ideas and therefore also allows a transformation of reality to occur and creativity to increase.

6. Reduce conflicts

It also allows discovering tools that help overcome obstacles and conflicts that may arise in the day-to-day of a company. This is also key to achieving healthier and more productive relationships.

7. Improves well-being

Employees and senior positions, in this self-learning process, achieve greater well-being through coaching because, thanks to self-observation and the tools that coaching facilitates, they manage to increase their emotional intelligence and, therefore, their happiness.

8. Increase productivity

Business coaching is not only essential for workers, who feel satisfied. But this satisfaction also makes people perform better and feel identified with the companies. The company notice results.

9. Greater adaptability to change

We are in a moment of change in the business world, but there are organizations that do not have the flexibility to effectively adapt to the transformation. Training helps senior employees reflect, and this also influences their subordinates and how the company adapts to the new reality.

10. Influencing Motivation

Without a doubt, coaches are seen as motivators. But it is also necessary to know how to distinguish quality coaching from what is not. Provoking reflection, providing feedback and achieving improvements, coaching motivates people who are part of companies.

How to Train in Business Coaching

Despite its recent appearance, coaching for companies already has very interesting training and specialization programs.

One of them is, for example, the ACTP Executive Training Certification Program of the European School of Coaching, designed especially for people interested in being professional coaches and intervening in organizational processes linked to leadership .

This one-course program offers fundamental theoretical and practical training in a discipline based on the organizational and business environment.

It combines the face-to-face format (in different Spanish cities) with the online format to better adapt to student availability.

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