Difference between Ability and Aptitude with definitions

An individual is endowed with various capacities that allow him to face various situations that arise in life. Each human being has different capacities, according to their needs and priorities. To the same extent, it develops abilities and skills to achieve what it sets out to do. Even though all human beings are endowed with the same physical characteristics, with some exceptions, we do not all develop the same ability to do some situations and we do not have the same aptitude in the same circumstances. In this article we will provide you the difference between Ability and Aptitude.


Ability is defined as the capacity that human beings develop to carry out some activity, trade or job; which guarantees its success. For example, there are people who have the ability to play a musical instrument almost spontaneously. On the other hand, there are people who have the ability to develop in a sports discipline, in a work occupation, among others. Generally, physical abilities are known by the name of dexterity, which allows the individual to enhance that innate talent with which they have been gifted. Many times, training is done to develop a skill.

It is important to note that the skill is learned through constant practice of a task or trade. For example, driving a vehicle is a skill that is perfected with practice and all the elements required by the individual are coordinated to perform it properly. It should be noted that the skill is learned over time, through constant practice. That is, the ability to play soccer develops when you frequently attend sports training. That will lead to the successful development of the ability to kick the ball and play soccer.


The word Aptitude comes from the Latin ‘Aptus’ which means ‘Able to’. It refers to the innate qualities that an individual has to carry out an action. It can be applied in different settings, that is, in the workplace, academically, economically, among others. For example, a person may be able to carry out financial transactions with ease, or they may have an aptitude for thoughtful critical analysis on a certain topic.

When a person wants to get a job, they describe in their resume the skills they have to fill a vacant job. To that extent, the profile of this person is studied and he is employed according to those aptitudes he possesses. In addition, skills can often help an individual stand out from others. Generally, aptitude manifests itself from childhood; We can observe children who, from an early age, dance, read or carry out activities without the need for constant practice.

Difference between Ability and Aptitude

Ability Aptitude
You learn over time. It is innate in the individual.
It is the development of an aptitude. It is a natural ability.
They develop over time through practice. It manifests itself in childhood.

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