What is Gastronomy definition/concept

Gastronomy is the activity that is responsible for preparing food through a cultural process . In fact, this type of process goes beyond food preparation and nutrition , trying to give each dish an artistic touch to each preparation. Gastronomy often expresses a particular region or country in the food . Thus, it can be said that the way to get to know a region is to taste its dishes, as it represents, in a way, the way of life of its inhabitants. Gastronomy was represented even in antiquity, as each society had different dishes and their food- related practices were treated as a social phenomenon. However, it can be said that over time it has improved and acquired new dimensions. Gastronomy

Gastronomy has several aspects that incorporate the entire process involving food. It can be said that this aspect becomes a cultural phenomenon, as well as emphasizing food preparation and also being part of the social process that involves sitting at the table to eat. Thus, gastronomy usually associates a place to enjoy food and interact socially. At the same time, develop other services such as preparing the table, removing used utensils, etc. That’s why this activity should fall as a process that always has a lot of respect with the way how the food is prepared, but also goes beyond this kind of circumstance. Gastronomy

The way in which food is prepared is closely related to the region’s products and also to its history. So, for example, there are certain recipes that are explained in large part by the abundance or scarcity of a particular ingredient in a region or at a historical moment. The same can be said of the drinks consumed by these regions or countries. And finally, most importantly, this preparation is developed with the purpose of reaching an artistic universe , a way to present the dishes and harmonize the flavors, being a way to please not only the palate, but also the sight and smell, of such that the experience is the best.

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