What is Language definition/concept/elaboration

It is a system of communication that people use each other to interact. A language constitutes a system of signs of a social nature, so that only a shared system whose rules are known to everyone guarantees effective communication. Obviously, spoken language is the one that comes most easily to our minds; however, there are other variants, such as the language for deaf mutes. In the case of spoken language, it can be said that it is a natural predisposition of man. Thus, with his appearance on the face of the Earth, man realized an innate ability to generate his language and interact with his fellow men. This circumstance has been studied by modern theories that tend to regard spoken language as a genetic capacity.

From the standpoint of spoken language, all languages ​​existing in the world have some common characteristics that are invariable. This means that despite the differences and variety of existing languages, there are always some elements that remain intact. This circumstance is the main reason that some theories show language as a genetic condition of man. Thus, it would always arise in all similar cultures because of its innate condition. In particular, there is always the presence of a verb that maintains the structure of a sentence. This type of approach was developed by Noam Chomsky, who often applies several reformulations.

We can say that language is extremely important in the development of man’s knowledge. In fact, in addition to serving as a communication vehicle through which man presents his intimacies, language is the means that allowed reality to be treated as an object worthy of being thought about and analyzed. Definitely, every science needs a language that is its object of study . It is true that it can (and in fact has been proven) establish a language free of connotations and ambiguity to develop a body of knowledge about the aspect of the universe , but it is also known that this form was present in primitive languages.

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