What is Theory of Everything definition/concept

In the field of theoretical physics, an attempt is made to understand the universe and for that, physicists resort to mathematical formulas. One of the questions addressed is the following: how did the universe come about? This question is equivalent to considering how it all started and for this reason we talk about the theory of everything.

The ultimate mathematical formula that explains the origin of the universe does not yet exist.

Seeking the equation that explains the universe

One of the problems in finding an explanation for the universe presents itself again in the form of a question: can human beings know the origin of the universe? Theory of Everything

The fact of discovering the expansion of the universe from the explosion generated in the big-bang has been fundamental to understanding the origin of the universe, but this advance has not been translated into a concrete mathematical formula. In this sense, the general relativity formula expressed by Albert Einstein states that when there is mass and energy , there is a distortion of space and time.

Einstein’s advances on the relationship between mass, energy and space-time were complemented by another theoretical physicist: Stephen Hawking

According to him, the big bang is directly related to black holes. So, if it were possible to calculate the center of a black hole, it could also be possible to calculate the moment when the universe appeared.

In the search for the Theory of Everything, some theoretical physicists propose to unify the theory of general relativity with the explanatory models of the most elementary particles, which are integrated in the field of quantum physics.

In other words, an explanation is created that combines the micro matter of the universe with space-time. This new direction in theoretical physics was proposed by the self-taught Russian scientist Matvei Petrovich Bronstein. This scientist took as a reference some particles in microscopic space and tried to understand how the law of gravity intervened in these particles.

He came to the following conclusion: the microscopic world and gravity can be unified in a mathematical equation.

The superstring theory is the new paradigm of the Theory of Everything

In accordance with the theory of superstrings, before the creation of the universe there was a world of elementary particles that were fluttering as if they were on strings movement .

This paradigm of theoretical physics proposes a new combination between elementary particles and the general theory of gravity. The search for a mathematical formula that explains everything means understanding the smallest (atoms) and the largest (galaxies).

According to the proposal, both the matter and the energy of the universe are formed by a single element: they are tiny filaments of vibrating energy known as strings. This theory states that the particles with which atoms divide (the quarks) are formed by oscillating energy strands that are similar to moving strings.

In other words, the type of movement of the strings is what generates the mass and electrical charge of the different particles. For this model to make sense, theoretical physics must contemplate a universe formed by ten dimensions and not the traditional four, which assumes that there are parallel universes that are in the same place as our universe, but in another dimension.

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