What is Conclusion/meaning/concept

Completion means getting the end result of something. It is the last element of a previous process that to achieve it it is necessary to understand a series of previous steps. Conclusion

Logic and mathematics present a series of problems that manifest themselves through premises and unknowns that are definitively resolved into a conclusion. When we think about the idea of ​​a formula, we must know that it only makes sense if the elements that form it can achieve a final result.

Puzzles and riddles are solved through definitive information . It’s about getting the hidden conclusion right. Something similar happens with crossword puzzles, puzzles and sudokus. These activities act as an intellectual challenge that can only be overcome through their complete resolution.

The scientific activity consists of establishing a method , applying it to a series of data and concluding with a definitive statement presented as a general rule. There is no science without conclusions, as it would be like an unfinished process. This does not mean that the results obtained are accepted by the entire scientific community. There are also several proposals for conclusion that compete with each other. They are different theories, accepted by some and rejected by others.

In the literary genre of the novel there is also an idea similar to the conclusion: the denouement. A plot presents a series of events that intend to arouse the interest of the reader, who reads a book until the end to know the result of the narrative.

The concept of completion does not necessarily mean that it is something absolutely safe, as it is possible that it has a provisional character. For this reason, it is relatively common to revise some conclusions that are no longer valid for some reason or because you want to find more satisfactory ones.

When we speak, we express ideas, arguments and data. And all of this can lead to some kind of conclusion. It is the synthesis of global information. In reality , when we talk or discuss there is a pretense of reaching an agreement.

In politics , there are contradictory positions and different criteria analyzed with the intention of adopting a resolution that ends the debate. This resolution involves choosing a posture that reaches a certain conclusion.

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