What is Quantum definition/concept/elaboration

The adjective quantum refers to a scientific theory in the field of physics, specifically quantum physics.

Fundamental idea of ​​quantum physics

Everything is composed of atoms, which are formed by a central nucleus surrounded by electrons that rotate around it. Physics or quantum mechanics is the scientific theory that serves to explain how tiny elements such as atoms and electrons work.

According to the basic principle of quantum physics, atoms or electrons can be in one place and at the same time everywhere in the universe . On the other hand, this theory states that nature imposes its own limits on what we can know, that is, “small world” situations can happen at a given probability. This shows that there is no absolute certainty regarding the movements of subatomic particles. In relation to reality , quantum physics addresses questions of a philosophical nature, as it expresses the problem of the existence of reality itself that is not observed.

It is possible for two atoms or two electrons to meet in two places at once

According to the superposition principle, a quantum particle (an atom or an electron) finds itself in all possible states at once. On the other hand, according to the uncertainty principle, the more we know about a quantum particle, the less we know about its velocity. These two principles of physics produce a certain paradox, since two properties of the same particle cannot be measured at the same time. Due to this, there is uncertainty in the prediction of quantum phenomena and for this reason the uncertainty principle is spoken of.

Quantum Physics Implications

What is striking about quantum explanations is the fact that they predict effects that go against “ common sense ”. In fact, quantum theory says that Newton’s classical physics is not applied to the behavior of atoms. In addition to the theoretical approach to quantum physics, quantum research and experiments are closely linked with nuclear energy or atomic clocks, but also with genetics and astronomy (for example, to explain black holes).

In addition to scientific and technological research, quantum theory had a great influence on philosophy, since its principles allow us to understand reality from another perspective. Finally, we cannot forget that in the computer world there is the so-called quantum computing, a theoretical model that is not yet present in current technology, but it is predictable that it will be the technology paradigm of the future.

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