What is Work Plan definition/concept

A company or any business is created in order to generate wealth, for that it is necessary to plan certain issues such as sales forecasting, the establishment of objectives and the elaboration of accounting forecasts. These aspects are relevant, but they do not constitute a work plan.

A work plan is understood as the set of actions that will be carried out in any business or department in order to achieve certain objectives, as shown by an established budget. In this sense, a work plan is not made up of numbers, but actions and tasks that will be performed by the company’s workers.

The work plan as a strategy that guides an activity

The work plan concept is applied in a company, but also in a student, in a football team, definitely in any personal or collective project. The work plan works as an action guide that must answer three fundamental questions: where we are, where we want to go and how are we going to achieve it.

Rules for preparing an effective plan

Work plans are intended to achieve certain goals. Although each plan has to adapt to the type of business or activity, it is possible to talk about general rules and some of them are as follows:

  • – Realize the purpose of each work plan, as the plans must be guided by personal work, while others refer to teamwork . In this sense, the purpose of a plan must specify what one wants to achieve and especially how to achieve it.
  • – When drawing up a plan, the goals to be achieved must be realistic, measurable and coherent. At the same time, a series of should be used indicators accurate and objective (the indicators may be related to the efficiency, quality of service and economic issue).
  • – A work plan should incorporate three types of resources: human, material and financial.
  • – In every work plan, evaluation systems must be introduced that allow evaluating the execution of the program and adequately reinforcing its management.
  • – A work plan should not be understood as a list of activities that must be carried out systematically.
  • – In any work plan, activities with certain objectives are established, but it is important that they are accompanied by a schedule, that is, a chart that determines when the activity or service will be carried out.
  • Definitely, the work plan is the exact answer to a series of questions: what should be done, who will do it, how and when to do it.

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