What is Egocentrism definition/concept

Egocentrism stands out as the excessive praise that an individual makes about his own personality to the point of making it the center of attention and interest, both personally and in the environment in which he interacts.

For psychology, egocentrism is a very typical characteristic of some personalities, therefore, it is an issue extremely addressed by this discipline.

According to her, egocentrism stands out especially because her personality is seen in an exacerbated way, with a tendency to believe that her opinions, ideas, interests, among others, are much more significant than any other individual, although reality demonstrates the opposite .

It should be noted that the egocentric person , as the individual who suffers from egocentrism is called, has an exaggerated ego that leads him to believe that everything should be oriented in his direction, however, when things do not happen, it can trigger a great deal of tension within the individual with his surroundings; this occurs when it is not recognized or exalted as you think it should be.

The ego is a disproportionate esteem that an individual feels for himself

One of the most common behaviors of individuals who suffer from self-centeredness is the fact of despising others, as they believe that they are the most important and that they are always right. So, when the other manifests something different, they do not accept and despise the proposal as something poor, of low quality , among other arguments.

Another situation quite common in a self-centered person is the lack of interest shown in relation to the happiness of the other, ie, is not happy when he sees a happy friend, on the other hand, just feels good when the other meets all your wishes and interests.

The egocentric personality is quite simple to recognize in a group, as it is one that constantly tries to stand out and become the center of attention in a given meeting.

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