What is Paradigm definition/concept/elaboration

The human being is one who acts constantly and also has the ability to learn . In this sense, it is worth noting that no method has as much positive influence value as the practical example. In this way, a paradigm refers precisely to a concrete example, to a determined pattern, which is clear, visual and which can serve as a reference to perform a certain action. The example becomes a model below. The paradigm shows a model that serves as an inspiration to materialize other similar cases. It is also a way of classifying reality from the point of view of knowing that reality.

From the point of view of human  behavior, it is worth noting that the fable is an example of a paradigm. Through a story she offers concrete and specific conclusions to reflect on a certain action.

The term paradigm has one meaning or another depending on the  context in which it is inserted. For example, in the  context of psychology, the paradigm shows an  acceptance of ideas, assumed beliefs and internalized thoughts in the first phase of life. Childhood is one of the best phases of life and it marks the plan of happiness. Thus, within this  context, the paradigm refers to different types of human  behavior according to the most varied mental schemes.

Another possible meaning of paradigm has to do with the scientific field, whose contemporary meaning was given by scientist Thomas Kuhn and refers to the practices used in a scientific discipline . The paradigm has to do with the exemplar, that is, with the correct. From this point of view, the paradigm takes into account what has to be observed and listened to, how an approach should be made and also how the result of a specific research should be valued. In the scientific field, a paradigm also results in a concrete model.

Within this  context, we can also speak of the paradigm shift, which shows a significant and inflectional shift in science. The paradigm shift shows the beginning of a new stage in science that is in a process of constant evolution, where prior knowledge is also important.

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