What is Big Bang/meaning/concept/elaboration

The human being asks the universe about his origin since he is an intelligent individual . This concern with understanding the cosmos occurs in all civilizations, from the Egyptians and the Greeks to contemporary man . Many explanations have been given and created around how the universe was created, although in the last decade the Big Bang theory is one of the most recognized by the scientific community .

Everything around us is made up of atoms and they are so tiny that they are imperceptible to the human eye. Before the atoms that form matter existed, there was nothing, absolutely nothing, and this circumstance is difficult to imagine.

According to the Big Bang theory, there was a great explosion giving rise to the appearance of matter

There is a fundamental fact to believe in this idea: the expansion of the universe. As astronomers if there is a constant expansion of the universe, the movement started at a certain moment. In other words, if the galaxies moved away from each other, it means that there was a time when they were very close, connected to each other.

This determines that all matter and space that were part of the universe were united at one point. Astronomers call this point an “initial particularity”. At this moment, the great explosion known as the Big Bang took place.

The cause of this explosion is due to the high pressure and temperature subjected to compacted material

According to astronomers, it is not possible to determine the initial moment of the explosion, what we know as instant or zero moment. In this way, before the Big Bang, time, matter and space did not exist.

Scientists wonder how moment zero happened

There are no laboratory studies that currently allow us to recreate the conditions given at the time of the explosion. Consequently, it is necessary to imagine what the sequence of events might be, which establishes a fair hypothesis , but not yet proven. According to astronomers and astrophysicists who support this theory, what predictably may have happened is that an expanding energy spark caused the famous Great Explosion or Big Bang. From this moment the matter of the cosmos was formed, there was the beginning of time and the laws of the universe.

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