What is Social Studies definition/concept

Traditionally, the body of knowledge is divided into two disciplines: science and letters. This classification can have other names: human sciences, natural sciences or social sciences. In addition to this qualifying question, science or social studies are disciplines that study some aspects related to the social dimension of the human being.

The big picture of social studies

Sociology is probably a social science par excellence. It emerged in the 19th century as an attempt to explain collective dynamics, that is, work, classes and social conflicts and the progress of humanity.

History is a science that studies the events of the past and one of its specific areas is social history, in which specialists approach ideological and cultural issues from a historical perspective.

Psychology is a science that studies human behavior, which can be understood from a global perspective and through social psychology. Thus, this discipline analyzes collective feelings , mass behaviors and the norms that govern culture.

Social work is also another area of ​​social studies.

A social worker addresses questions about the administration’s social services, welfare benefits and research methods aimed at the population as a whole.

The concept of social studies also includes the set of disciplines in the humanistic area, such as philosophy, ethics, anthropology, politics, art studies, as well as classical studies.

The debate over social studies

During the last few decades, social studies did not fit in well with the scientific or technological reality . The social sciences are now perceived as useless knowledge. It can be said that there is widespread mistrust of all areas that are not scientific and technological. In contrast, some analysts claim the usefulness of humans. In this way, it would be a mistake to divide knowledge between the scientific world and the humanistic world, as both are complementary.

Behind a high-precision machine there are human ideas and values, so forgetting this fact means ignoring that ideas and desires are the authentic engine of humanity.

An example of interaction between the technological and the social is found in the business world. A medium or large company has a human resources department , which organizes the entire structure of the company through the human dimension of each of its workers.

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