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Difference between communication and expression

Within the framework of nature, it is man who has the richest and most varied possibilities of communication, since he has means of greater productivity and can take advantage of what is communicated to enrich his experience. Of the different resources that man has to communicate, we are interested in spoken communication. In this same order of ideas we can say, express with words what someone wants to imply. In this article we will provide you the Difference between communication and expression.

What is communication?

We can say that it is a process by which information exchanges occur in which an issuer transmits information to a receiver through a channel, hoping that, subsequently, a response from the receiver will occur, under certain circumstances. For communication to take place there are some elements such as: sender , receiver , message , channel, code and context .

In such a way, the sender who issues the message, the receiver is the one who receives and interprets it; the message is the information to be transmitted, the channel is the medium through which the message is sent, the code is the rules and signs that form a language to decipher the message and finally, the context is the circumstances that act at the moment that communication occurs; for example : mood of the interlocutors, time, place, etc.

What is Expression? 

Since the beginning of humanity it is considered an important need to be able to express oneself, since many people use it for greater and better learning. Expression helps create an appropriate self-image, improves communication and develops creativity. The expression is used to demonstrate, describe feelings. It is the way of declaring something to make it understood. They can be expressed orally, gesturally or with body movements. The expression allows us to transmit, express ideas, feelings. When we express ourselves in front of 1 (one) or more people, they become a message that the sender transmits to a receiver. To get a better idea of ​​the subject, some types of expression can be mentioned, which are considered the most important:

Body expression

We can define that it is a motor behavior with an expressive, communicative and aesthetic purpose. Body expression is about the activity that studies the organized forms of body expressiveness, understanding that the body is a psychomotor, affective, cognitive and relational group. The main task of the corporal expression is the manifestation and externalization of the feelings, ideas and sensations.

Verbal expression 

It is the action performed by human beings to communicate. To express yourself correctly it is important to communicate with diction, coherence, fluency, rhythm, volume and clarity. We can also call it oral expression, which is the set of techniques that determine the general rules that must be followed to communicate effectively orally.

Facial expression

It is that expression that allows us to interpret and code the movements or expressions of the face. It is a very important medium, which combined with the look, allows to express feelings, moods and emotions.

Written expression

It refers to the way in which we express ideas, emotions, feelings about a material such as paper and that vary according to the culture of each country or its forms. The virtual form also applies. This expression is very important since it was the one that allowed to delimit the end of pre-history and give way to history.

Difference between communication and expression

  1. -We can conclude then that there is a difference between communicating and expressing, since communicating is much more complex than expressing oneself .
  2. -When we believe that we express ourselves well through good expressions, we are not necessarily going to produce effective communication.
  3. -However, expression is necessary to be able to communicate because although verbal expression is the action of human beings to communicate, we can use other types of expressions to be able to communicate with other people.
  4. -Finally, it is necessary to know how to express yourself in order to communicate .

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