What is Telluric Energy definition/concept

Our planet receives energy from the rest of the universe , in this sense, we speak of cosmic energies. The Earth also generates internal vibrations and movements which turn into telluric energy. The term telluric comes from the Latin “tellus”, which literally means earth.

The discipline that studies the different telluric energies is dowsing

This knowledge is considered an art and is directly related to geobiology.

People familiar with dowsing have traditionally been inspired by the behavior of animals, who know how to detect whether a place is suitable for living.

While biologists objectively measure the condition of a terrain (eg, electromagnetic measuring devices), dowsers know intuitively how to capture the vibrations of a place. It is possible to know whether a terrain is unsuitable for human life by observing the favorable or unfavorable reactions of our organism.

Dowsers use wands, pendulums or their own hands to determine the telluric energy of a particular area. It should be noted that in addition to our own physical body, we have some energetic fields that establish a link between the individual and his environment .

The most varied telluric energies

Around our planet there are some invisible networks, which are the telluric networks. These networks were discovered by Ernst Hartmann, who in the 1950s established the principles of the different radiations that affect the planet. Hartmann’s research can be explained why ancient civilizations in certain places were considered sacred.

Ground faults, underground cavities or aquifers are also places that generate forces or telluric energies.

Animals and telluric energy

Most people are unable to understand the forces that come from Earth. In return, animals have this ability developed. In fact, natural disasters are detected early by most animals, but not by humans who have lost that particular sensitivity.

Currently, it is known that bees or ants settle in appropriate places from the point of view of telluric energy.

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