What is Pinacoteca definition/concept

Libraries organize and classify books, newspaper libraries keep newspapers, music libraries collect sound documents and art galleries exhibit pictorial works. Pinacoteca

Pinacoteca, Gallery and Museum

The term pinacoteca is used as a synonym for gallery or museum. In fact, the three words are used differently to refer to permanent painting exhibitions. However, each of them has a particular characteristic .

In countries like Italy, this term is used because in Italian culture the Greco-Latin tradition is maintained (pinacoteca comes from the Greek pinax meaning painting and theke meaning collection). In Anglo-Saxon countries the word gallery is used more, like the National Gallery in London. The word museum is also commonly used to refer to the place where paintings are exhibited, as is the case with the Prado Museum in Madrid.

The origin and evolution of art galleries

One of the first historical references of this type of enclosure can be found in the Acropolis of Athens, a place of religious worship for the Athenians, which exhibits paintings as a decorative element.

Although the Library of Alexandria (often called the Museum of Alexandria) was primarily intended for research and documents written as papyrus, it should be noted that the word pinacoteca comes from pinakes (plural of pinax). The pinakes were murals from the Library of Alexandria, which classified the various branches of knowledge and outstanding researchers in each area. Pinacoteca

The pinacotheques of the contemporary world extended from French Illusionism. The great European powers were inspired by the French pinacotheques, especially the Louvre Museum, which opened its doors at the end of the 18th century.

Pinacotheques have several functions

1) express the cultural prestige of a nation; Pinacoteca

2) they are a first-rate educational tool, as through them it is possible to study the various pictorial movements and their main creators;

3) are a very important tourist attraction.

Currently, the traditional art gallery continues to be a cultural reference, but in recent years it has appeared in a virtual version. The virtual or digital art galleries allow you to discover the art through the net in a direct, comfortable way and within reach of all budgets. Pinacoteca

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