What is Physical Preparation definition/concept

The main objective of practicing sports is to get a good physical preparation. It is understood as a series of exercises beneficial to the body, such as cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility and movement coordination . These qualities can be acquired through regular exercise, along with a series of healthy habits, especially related to eating .

The physical preparation concept is equivalent to another: training. Both terms refer to the improvement of physical qualities in general.

Ten tips for being physically fit

1) The supervision of a professional directed to  physical activity is advisable ;

2) Physical exercise must be performed regularly and periodically;

3) You must exercise all muscle groups and perform aerobic or anaerobic exercises; all this with an appropriate sports methodology;

4) It is convenient to carry out a sports routine according to the age of each one;

5) It is recommended to set medium and long term goals;

6) For the physical preparation to be effective, a series of healthy eating habits must be incorporated and the consumption of alcohol and tobacco or any substance that could negatively affect the body should be avoided.

7) Each individual must practice a training modality that best suits their personal circumstances and physical characteristics ;

8) It should be noted that health is the main objective of physical preparation, in this sense it is advisable for the athlete to undergo a medical check-up before starting a regular  physical activity.

9) Physical exercise must be carried out with sufficient safety measures and using the most appropriate sporting material and clothing.

10) Poorly planned physical preparation can have drastic effects in any sense.

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