What is Social Organization definition/concept

The term Social Organization is used to refer to a group of people with shared interests who decide to join an entity. On the other hand, this name is used in allusion to the most varied models of human  society.

Difference between social movement, social organization and civil society

These three terms have similarities and differences and, in this sense, can create some confusion. A social movement is a normally large group of individuals who share certain ideals and who are trying to transform some aspect of reality . Generally these movements are quite heterogeneous and are characterized by their opposition to established power, especially the government of a  nation. Social Organization

A social organization has a series of elements:

1) the individuals who form it create an entity with a shared purpose and interests (for example, a cultural association or a non-profit foundation);

2) the entity acquires a specific legal form (for example, a cooperative  society, collective partnership, among others);

3) the people who make up the entity are governed by some type of rule (for example, the statutes).

On the other hand, the idea of ​​civil society  has two meanings: as a type of company and as a term to refer to the set of organizations and social movements. Social Organization

A range of social organizations is a reflection of the community

A  society is a heterogeneous and plural human group . The same happens with the Social Organizations that are part of it. Some have a simply playful purpose, such as cultural and sports. Others have a strong solidarity component, such as NGOs. And there are also those that have an economic objective (for example, business associations). Social Organization

In many cases, Social Organizations are focused on defending a collective (for example, workers unions and consumer associations).

Understood as a model of society

Since prehistory, humans have already related based on common interests and ties. In this sense, they created a general structure or a type of Social Organization, such as tribes, clans and hordes. Over time, a new organizational model emerged based on the work of some (the slaves) and the domain of others. This system is known as slavery.

In the Middle Ages, the feudal order was established on the basis of social division by estates or classes. From the modern era to the present, there are various forms of Social Organization: colonialism, communism and  capitalism.

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