What is Argumentative Text definition/concept

An argumentative text is understood as the content of a scripture whose main characteristic is based on the analysis of ideas, that is, on reasoning. Generally speaking, any text of this nature has three aspects:

1) a thesis or main idea;

2) a series of reasons or arguments that evaluate the thesis;

3) a conclusion or synthesis that reaffirms the initial thesis.

In this sense, the arguments presented are valid when they present certain characteristics.

They are based on demonstrable data, are irrefutable, have an objective dimension and have no debatable aspects (for example, subjective elements or illusory arguments). Argumentative Text

Not all arguments have the same authenticity. Let’s put two opposing examples: an argument can be understood as valid when it is used by an individual of great authority, but this same type of argument is often disputed because this intellectual is tremendously wrong. On the other hand, there is the argument based on a more rigorous scientific methodology and accepted by the scientific community. Anyway, it should be taken into account that all arguments have corresponding counter-arguments.

The most varied argumentative texts have something in common: they want their ideas to be attractive or valid for a person . In other words, arguments are meant to convince someone about something. Argumentative Text

Non-argumentative texts

To understand something it is convenient to explain what it is not. Thus, a narrative text intends to describe a succession of facts that occur in a certain time and place, as well as its purpose can be informative (for example, a news in the press) or intended for entertainment (a short story, a novel or the report of a hero ). The descriptive text is one that explains something without the intervention of chronological time as an element that is part of what is told (such as the description of a landscape or an object ). Expository text is one that indicates objective facts with the intention of informing about something (for example, the definition of an animal by its main characteristics).

Some examples of argumentative texts:

  • – A philosophical essay that defends certain ideas and a series of arguments;
  • – A scientific essay that explains certain proposals through contrasting data, evidence and hypotheses;
  • – A historical monograph in which the author explains a new view of certain facts;
  • – An opinion piece that defends an ideological position;
  • – A manifestation of a group of professionals who defend their interests;
  • – A document denouncing a social situation . Argumentative Text

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