What is Expository Text definition/concept

When  writing, texts of different modalities are produced. Expository text is one of the possible options. It consists of a  writing in which the main objective is to inform the reader or spread their knowledge about a certain topic.

Types of expository texts

There are two variants: dissemination texts and specialized ones. The first ones are those in which the theme is addressed to the entire population, such as a history article in a school magazine, the contents of Wikipedia or even the articles that make up this site. Specialized texts are aimed at a type of reader who already has some prior knowledge, for example, a history article in a university publication, a doctoral thesis or an expert report.

Anyway, all expository text has a series of common characteristics:

1) part of an objective approach, in such a way that the author does not express his/her personal opinions, but limits himself/herself to strictly informing about a certain subject; Expository Text

2) these texts  are usually written in the present;

3) a clear and precise terminology is used, avoiding ambiguities;

4) the most common structure consists of a presentation of the topic, followed by a development and finally a  conclusion.

In summary, the expository text is one that transmits information and, therefore, communicates knowledge in an objective way.

Other types of texts

In addition to expository texts , there are three other groups : narrative, descriptive and argumentative.

Narrative texts tell a story in a connected way. In them appear the character s and a description of space and time. Also, there is a type of  narrator, usually a first- person or omniscient narrator. Expository Text

Descriptive texts have as main function to detail or describe something, for example, a character or a situation. This type of text focuses on a single idea: what something or someone is like. Some of these texts tend towards objectivity while others are based on a more subjective description (in the latter case, it is a literary text ).

As its name implies, argumentative texts are based on the defense of an argument or thesis. In summary, these texts provide explanations and data to support the defended thesis. Obviously, its purpose is to convince the reader about a certain idea.

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