What is Organization definition/concept

We use the word organization in two senses. On the one hand, to refer to the imposition of a certain order on something. On the other hand, to refer to some explanatory system that shows a series of internal relationships.

The need to organize the different phases of life

Any activity or project that we want to put into practice requires a certain organization. In our personal life we ​​make use of a calendar to remember our duties during the day.

On the desktop, services are organized using a calendar. When a group of people share their problems, it is very likely that a form of organization will be established, be it humanitarian, recreational, sporting,  business or any other kind. Organization

There is no single organizational model, as it can be hierarchical, egalitarian, flexible or closed. The organization of medieval  society was hierarchical, where the ruling classes prevailed over the ruled. Communist systems were inspired by egalitarian criteria. Most human organizations combine the hierarchical dimension with the active participation of the entire represented group. It is often said that an organization is closed when it imposes strict and restrictive criteria.

In everyday  language, it is said that a person is organized when he manages to implement a certain order in his life.

An explanatory system with which we can understand reality

In scientific activity, systems are created to explain all kinds of reality . Laws, theories or scientific models are organizational mechanisms that serve to order the dimension of something. To explain the set of substances in nature, the periodic table of elements is used as an organizational system. Organization

The same applies to the human genome, cells, the set of living beings or the universe itself . If we couldn’t organize nature in some way, it would present itself chaotically, meaningless to our understanding.

The idea of ​​disorganization

In a war situation, the organizational structures of a  society collapse and when that happens we can say that there was chaos.

When something new comes up, such as the discovery of a document in an unknown  language, it creates the need to organize all the information . In short, the idea of ​​disorganization is associated with chaos and uncertainty. Organization

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