What is Data definition/concept/elaboration

A concrete informative element and its plural form expresses even more important information . In our everyday life we ​​constantly use the term data.

Usually, they are words or numbers that serve as a reference to something, for example, a telephone PIN, the number of an identity document or bank passwords, among others that are part of everyday life. In the area of information , it is used to understand the reality around us as GDP, CPI or any other economic or index social present in media communication .

We are surrounded by data because everything that exists can be expressed mathematically or through some specific element.

The data is a symbol of our civilization, since in other periods of history the human being did not need this type of element in his life or for communication. On the other hand, currently, change is essential.

We must take into account the data and the need to interpret them correctly

Some of them are obvious and don’t need any analysis; when we refer to passwords or codes it means that these are simple access and security instruments . However, in certain areas such as economics or history, the data presented can be contradictory. In fact, there is data that is wrong, false, manipulated or interpreted from a disinterested perspective.

Let’s see an example of difficulty in evaluating certain data

A newspaper claims in a headline that there are 100,000 people suffering from contagious disease . This data may be right, but it can also cause disproportionate social fanfare depending on how it was explained and what was the focus of the news. This example highlights that the data is almost always interpretable and that behind your objective there may be another kind of intention.

Each data has its source of information and a specific context. Your knowledge can be simple or extremely complex. In any case, they are specific references that allow us to draw conclusions about some aspect of reality.

Currently, there is controversy around the world regarding the concept analyzed so far, that is, the data. More specifically to personal data that some entities have. Given this phenomenon, laws have emerged in some countries that protect citizens from possible abuses, data protection laws.

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