What is Adjectivation noun adjectives and in Literature


In the field of grammar, adjectives are used to refer to substantive adjectives. On the other hand, the word adjective is used to refer to the literary style of each writer in relation to the use of the adjective in the story. In this article we will provide you the information about Adjectivation

The noun adjectives

Nouns or names have gender and number. Usually the adjective accompanies the noun to modify it, on the other hand, the adjective and the noun must agree in gender and number. The adjective process takes place when the adjective takes the place of a noun.

In the phrase “That young man won the match”, the adjective young becomes a noun and acts as a nucleus of the prayer by accompanying the word man. In the phrase “The blue ones are the best players”, the word blue is not used as an adjective, but rather as a noun.

An adjective can be turned into a noun when accompanied by a determinant. On the other hand, an adjective becomes a noun when we know what object we mean. Thus, the phrase “I like yellow,” Yellow adjective refers to something that has this color and that in reality is a noun.

The Adjectivation in literature

The writer needs to use the adjective to qualify the reality he describes. Qualifying adjectives express qualities and bring significant value to the narrative. There are novelists who use an exuberant adjective, while others use the adjective more precisely.

In poetry there is a figure of speech based on adjectives. This figure is the epithet and consists of using an adjective unnecessarily. So, the dark night, the blue waters, the white snow are some illustrative examples.

The adjective is considered a rhetorical figure in its own right

It consists of incorporating several adjectives to accompany a noun. Thus, in the phrase “The athlete is agile, strong, fast and energetic” all the adjectives used qualify a noun. This rhetorical device is used especially in poetic language.

In journalistic language, the adjective must be moderate and precise, since the objective of the information is to explain what happens in an objective way and for this the adjective must be used with moderation.

In short, the correct use of the adjective enriches a text, while its abuse creates a distortion of the message .

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