What is Instrumental Emotions definition/concept

The emotional universe is part of the human heart. And to get to know oneself, each one can reflect on their emotions, as we constantly react to the stimuli of the environment. Instrumental Emotions

There are different types of emotions and it is recommended to list the different types to understand the essence of each one.

aesthetic emotions

It is these emotions that are born in contact with the contemplation of beauty . That is, they are emotions that are born from the power to enjoy the art of contemplation. For example, a person experiences aesthetic emotions when looking at a beautiful landscape. Instrumental Emotions

instrumental emotions

Instrumental emotions, as their name implies, have a value of means, that is, they are an instrument. An instrument that seeks to achieve something in return. For this reason, this type of emotion can be unhealthy when seeking the effect of manipulating another person. For example, the emotion of displeasure becomes instrumental when, through the punishment of indifference, the irritated person wants to produce a certain reaction in the other person.

Instrumental emotions turn negative when they become habitual. For example, when a person plays the victim, he is constantly sad to get the attention of his surroundings.

That is, when we act in this way, we seek, in a conscious or unconscious way, that one or certain people react exactly the way we expected. Therefore, the use of this type of emotions can show the lack of communication of the person who is not able to assertively express what he wants and what he needs. But, expect others to guess your thoughts.

Ambiguous emotions

Emotions can also be conditioned by ambiguity. That is, they are emotions that cannot be evaluated as pleasant or unpleasant on their own, but must be observed in relation to context. For example, the emotion of surprise is very pleasant when it is caused by a happy event. However, it can be unpleasant when it is caused by a bothersome occurrence. Instrumental Emotions

Hope is also ambiguous because it is linked to a sad fact in the present, but on the other hand it also refers to an expected good in the future.

social emotions

It is these emotions that show the social nature of human beings, that is, they are born from ties with others through companionship , friendship and love. For example, kindness is a social emotion. Instrumental Emotions

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