What is Epiphany definition/concept/elaboration

The word epiphany is of Greek origin and etymologically means knowledge or manifestation. It is a concept related to Christianity and in the Bible it is used to refer to the ways that God reveals Himself to men.

A fundamental biblical term to understand the relationship between God and men

God does not reveal himself in a direct and explicit way, but uses messages, others and his own son (Jesus Christ). In this way, God is known through the presence of Christ among men.

The epiphany also manifests itself when God sends an angel to communicate a message to men; this happened to the archangels Gabriel, Michael and Raphael who in Christianity are considered deities close to God, as well as divine messengers. In terms of Christian faith, Saint Gabriel is the archangel who announced to Mary that she was going to be the mother of Jesus (this episode is known as the Annunciation).

the day of epiphany

January 6 is the day of the Three Kings, also known as the day of the Epiphany. The Gospel of St. Matthew (more specifically in chapter 2, verses 1 to 12) shows the worship of Christ by the wise men of the East, those who, guided by a star, went to the place where the son of God was born.

According to the biblical account, when Herod heard of the birth of Christ, he was afraid of losing his power and ordered the killing of all children under two years old, among which would be the Messiah. The Holy Family fled to Egypt and managed to save themselves, just as other families hid their children in vases to save their lives. Since then, on January 6, the Jews ate sour bread and hid a clay doll to remember this event. The first Christians resorted to this tradition along with the visit of the Three Kings to the celebration of the epiphany (moment of knowledge of Jesus Christ).

The custom of giving presents to children on January 6th is related to the commemoration of the generosity of the Three Wise Men in worshiping the newborn Jesus Christ. As a gastronomic complement to this celebration, in many homes the famous “kings’ threads” are served, which have a circular shape to symbolize the eternal love of God and which has no beginning or end.

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