What is Information definition/concept

Information is called a set of data relating to any area of ​​human experience. Thus, one can speak of scientific, journalistic, economic, educational, etc. information. Note that the existence of information does not necessarily mean the existence of knowledge so that involves, in addition, a correct inter- relationship understandable data that allows explain a faithful interpretation of the reality objectively.

Today, access to and processing of information has reached an extraordinary level compared to previous times. The existence of the Internet can be considered as a large database in constant formation and which has democratized access to information. Never before has such a level of information been produced, stored, processed and exhibited in human history. In addition, given this wave of information, search engines were improving their techniques so that the data could be accessed more and more easily.

However, before this huge revolution that reached the network and production , the distribution of information was attributed to different processes in different historical periods. Thus, in primitive communities, the circulation of information was carried out orally with the use of messengers, artists who sang epics, etc. After the appearance of writing, information can become detached from the oral narrator and leave permanent statements of events, data, news, interpretations, etc. In this way, the writing was adopted by different means of communication, such as papyrus, parchment, codices, etc. However, all these compilation methods were very expensive considering the limits of the time. That’s why the emergence of the press can be considered as the first revolution related to this topic. At this time, copyists were needed for the reproduction of works, and they were extremely expensive due to the enormous amount of time spent. Later, the press allowed access to books and newspapers for the public with the most important news.

After the invention of the printing press, the internet was perhaps the biggest revolution in terms of information. In fact, the production and processing of information in a single day can currently match that of many years in the past, this being a phenomenon that is far from calming down and that has a long way to go.

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