What is Circumcision/meaning/concept

The penis is the male organ that allows for urination and sexual intercourse. From an anatomical point of view, it consists of the scrotum, glans and foreskin. Circumcision

The foreskin is a layer of skin that wraps around the penis to protect and cover it. However, the foreskin can cause several health problems. For this reason, it is common to remove the foreskin through surgical intervention . This operation is known as phimosis and popularly as circumcision.


In the first place , this operation reduces the risk of infections. It should be noted that the foreskin accumulates microbes and this can lead to an infectious type problem.

Second, the phimosis operation reduces the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases such as the human papilloma virus or herpes virus. According to several studies, there is also a lower risk of getting AIDS. This is because circumcised men can maintain better hygiene in their genital area. Circumcision

On the other hand, the disappearance of the foreskin facilitates the increase in the size of the penis, as it tends to grow as it is released from the membrane.

Circumcision reduces discomfort and discomfort in penile erections.

Lastly, it produces greater satisfaction in sexual relationships.

Circumcision has been performed for 4000 years

Both in Europe and Asia, this surgical procedure was performed on men belonging to the most favored social classes. Thus, a circumcised man was more sexually valued. In Muslim and Jewish culture this procedure is mandatory for all children, as the removal of the foreskin symbolizes the passage to adulthood. Circumcision

In Judaism, circumcision must be performed on the eighth day after the child is born . It is a principle established in the Torah , which all parents must perform in their children, as Abraham did with Isaac.

Female clitoris ablation or female circumcision is considered mutilation

In some countries with a Muslim tradition, women undergo clitoris ablation. This intervention has one purpose: to eliminate the woman’s sexual pleasure . This practice is considered a violation of human rights , as in some cases deaths can occur due to infection, since rudimentary procedures are carried out and without health guarantees.

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