What is Verbal Reasoning definition/concept

In a meeting, speech or simple  conversation, we express ideas in a coherent and organized way. This means that we use verbal reasoning . For this we use, consciously or unconsciously, a series of elements and structures typical of our language.

Main elements of verbal reasoning

The main element is of course the vocabulary. If the terms used are insufficient or imprecise, it is difficult to elaborate a valid reasoning . In this sense, it is convenient to know the meaning of words in a broad sense, their etymology , meanings, double meanings, etc.

When we speak rationally, we employ certain rules of thought . These are rules or logical principles without which it is impossible to articulate coherent reasoning (the principle of identity and the principle of non-contradiction are essential laws of thought in any field of communication).

Logical order is also another fundamental aspect of verbal reasoning . Thus the relation of cause and effect, generalizations through data or the use of induction and deduction are rational structures involving certain order, which shall be expressed adequately through language.

Seven rules to enhance verbal reasoning in children

If a child has adequate verbal reasoning , he can achieve better academic results and, at the same time, a certain skill that will be useful to him in the future.

Certain rules can be useful in this regard.

1) use the dictionary as a usual tool;

2) carry out playful activities related to language (crosswords, riddles, rhymes, etc.);

3) encourage reading as a form of pleasure and  learning;

4) expose a topic orally in class;

5) organize debate competitions;

6) exercise comprehensive reading;

7) enhance logical reasoning .

Verbal reasoning is a tool with many possibilities

One can think and reason with numbers or pictures, but for the most part language is essential. Well-trained verbal reasoning is useful for almost anything: to succeed academically or professionally, to persuade others, to defend our interests, and even to date.

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