What is Pink Money definition/concept

Although there are cultural traditions and social groups that do not share the free expression of sexuality, there is a generalized tolerance towards different ways of understanding and living sexuality. In many countries, the LGBT collective is no longer persecuted and many companies use their images and symbols to get closer to this sector of the population. Its trading strategy is known as pink money or pink capitalism.

Support for the demands of the LGBT group or a simple marketing strategy?

Gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual people live in an intense struggle to integrate into society normally and not as a rarity or a deviation. In their struggle they have already achieved important achievements: the legal recognition of same-sex marriage in some countries, society‘s majority rejection of the various forms of homophobia and the visibility of these sexual trends in public spaces. In this context, some trademarks have seen a business possibility and sell their products or services with a LGBT touch (for example, with the rainbow flag or with the slogan demanding gay pride). Pink Money

A sector of the LGBT community denounces this marketing strategy for considering it opportunistic. Those who adopt this attitude advocate “critical pride” against the commercialization of “gay pride”.

The gay sector business

In recent years, the gay community has ceased to be marginalized and persecuted. With the change in society‘s mindset, various types of businesses were developed. Currently, there are not only typical gay bars and nightclubs, but also hotels, travel agencies, assisted reproduction  clinics , insurance, etc.

Companies focus on the LGBT group because people who are part of this type of group usually have an interesting socioeconomic profile: a level of education and an above-average salary ; they live in big cities in prestigious neighborhoods and dedicate a lot of time to leisure and entertainment. On the other hand, it is a type of consumer who values ​​quality and in turn creates new trends in society as a whole. Pink Money

Understood as a simple business opportunity

Capitalism does not have a good image in various sectors of society. In fact, savage capitalism indicates that this economic system  generates a kind of permanent struggle among human beings.

The pink money label is clearly derogatory, as many companies are criticized for using gay claims for their commercial interests. However, the capitalist economic system  is neither for nor against gays or any other collective. The only thing they do is look for a business opportunity.

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