What is soulmate/meaning/concept/elaboration

A personal connection between two people is something quite common. They may coincide with each other in common hobbies or interests, as well as in their way of thinking or understanding of life. However, the deep spiritual affinity between two individuals is something exceptional and uncommon. When that happens, we speak of two kindred spirits. soulmate

This affinity is not an issue that can be explained objectively and precisely, as it is a shared feeling as mysterious as love itself.

A metaphor for talking about love

The label of soul mate is commonly used to indicate that a man and a woman are united and intertwined as if they were one soul. It is understood that between them there is an attraction and a desire. However, there is something else, as if there was no need for words between them, as they already knew each other before relating. soulmate

The synchrony between soul mates presents itself as a mystery that cannot be explained with conventional criteria. On certain occasions, it is said that the two souls were predestined and when they met, they recognized each other.

The idea of ​​a soul mate is far from passionate love

Passionate love has a series of ingredients, such as intense desire, unbridledness and a dose of madness. However, when we talk about this level of relationship , we are facing a loving relationship from another dimension. It is a pleasurable love, but not destructive, it is talking to the loved one as if you were talking to yourself, it is desiring the same as the other. soulmate

The story of Dorine and André

The book ” Letter to D” by the Austrian philosopher André Gorz is a long love letter in which the author addresses his wife Dorine after discovering the serious degenerative disease she suffers. The book tells the story of a couple’s real love over sixty years of union. According to the author himself, both were united by an invisible bond. soulmate

At the end of the letter, the author recalls that he and his wife had expressed a desire to be together again if they had a second life. The bodies of André and Dorine were found together on September 22, 2007.

The possible key to the mystery

The literature tried to explain the love and connection of the twin souls with stories such as Romeo and Juliet. However, knowledge of the brain can provide relevant information on this subject. In fact, there is a hormone associated with love, oxytocin. In the pituitary gland of our brain, oxytocin is produced and from there it goes to the bloodstream that runs throughout the body. soulmate

Neuroscientists believe that the deep affective bonds associated with love basically depend on the intervention of this hormone.

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