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Soulmate mean

The meaning of a soulmate is that person who comes into your life to teach you. Soul mates are complementary souls who came into this life to help each other. It’s that person who motivates you and helps you transcend to a state superior to that current state of consciousness. 

Twin souls have a deep connection through the heart and conscience, as they are souls who have already related to us in another incarnation. That is, we already had a relationship with this soul in another life

You know that person that just seeing from afar makes your heart start to race? She can be defined as a soulmate.

Origin of Soulmate

Theories of how soulmates came to be and their meaning are many. Plato , for example, said that in ancient times, we were a being with 4 arms, 4 legs, twice as much as we are physically today. For defying the wisdom of the gods, they chastised us and split us in half, so that we would feel incomplete and wander through lifetimes in search of our other half.

But, in all the legends and theories that we find, we always see the representation that we are one half of something that seeks to become complete and whole. For this reason, many times, despite all the accomplishments, we feel a hole in our lives, as if something were missing.

However, it is common over time to think that we have found our “pan lid” and ask ourselves:

How to know if the person is your soulmate: 5 signs

1. Immediate attraction

Attraction is one of the clearest signs that you ‘ve really found your soulmate. As the two have the same energetic vibration, the chemistry between the couple is usually immediate and very intense. 

When you see someone and fall in love right away, if the person really moved you, they will certainly be your soulmate. That’s because you may not remember, but your soul recognizes. 

2. Absolute affinity

Another indicative sign that can show whether there is a loving dharma connection is whether the couple really has affinity in different sectors of life , as both shared the same experiences and preferences in past lives.

It doesn’t mean that you are the same in everything. Quite the contrary, a soulmate is usually not the same as you, as they come to help you evolve in this life.  

3. They manage to overcome everyday challenges together

Although they are soulmates, the couple can disagree on certain issues in everyday life and this can happen a lot. But despite some differences, they manage to overcome everyday challenges together. That’s because they are able to love each other even with several differences. 

4. Both feel safe and calm in the relationship

The couple of soul mates always have a relationship of complicity and harmony, providing both with a sense of security and peace in relation to the affective union.

5. Can’t imagine one without the other

Because it’s a very intense and love-filled relationship, both can’t imagine themselves without each other’s company in this incarnation.

Now that you’ve seen all about soulmates, how to identify them, you might be wondering… But with so many thousands of people in the world, are all soulmates destined to meet? 

How to find my soulmate?

The answer is that it is not always possible to find the person who completes us in our reincarnations. That’s because her time may not meet ours, or her location or several other factors. 

But, the truth is that when this happens, the Universe mysteriously conspires for your paths to coincide, and inexplicably you will be involved in a short time with someone you barely knew, but who apparently manages to understand your plans and thoughts and yours will also be trapped to his. 

It is also worth noting that we always attract what we are . So, if you’re only attracting people you don’t feel as good with or don’t have as much rapport with, it’s good to do a self-analysis and see where you can improve. We often have a low vibration and end up attracting people with that kind of energy without consciously wanting it. 

Types of Soulmates

A soulmate has many particularities, but among all types we find some similarities: they appear in our life to teach us something, and when we meet them, we feel in our heart as if we have known them for a long time. We won’t just meet one of each kind of soul mate in life, we might meet several – and that’s great!

Friend Solumate

We all have a soul mate friend. He is the one who knows us inside out, knows our thoughts, understands our feelings even if we don’t even express them. It is a person who knows us so well that we feel with him/her a connection from other lives. Often our soulmate friend knows us even better than we know ourselves. They are precious gifts that appear in our lives and can accompany us forever.

Devastating soulmate

This kind of soulmate appears in our lives in a very intense, devastating way. At the beginning we felt that instant, overpowering passion that takes us out of our minds. However, its passage in our life is almost never serene, in fact it is a real hurricane. The purpose of this soul mate is to turn our life around, rebuild it, shake our structures. It is usually a difficult process to accept, but necessary. When meeting this soulmate, our life changes what needs to change, so, as much as it is painful, it is a passage that we need to be grateful for.

The soulmate lover

This kind of loving soulmate is a short-lived love, but of great importance in our life. It could be our first love, a very intense casual relationship or even an extramarital relationship. It marks our lives with its intensity, and it often turns into friendship. It is not a rule, there are soul mates who leave us after leaving a teaching in our life, but it is common for them to remain in our life, becoming a deep friendship.

Soulmate stranger

You know that person with whom you were close for a brief moment, you exchanged few or no words but who nevertheless felt a very strong connection? These are our soulmate strangers. It could be that person who sat next to you on a trip, a stranger you danced with all night but never saw each other again, that person you stared at on the bus for a long time but neither of you took the initiative to talk to.

A brief but intense encounter. Probably this person was part of your life in other incarnations and you had a brief moment of reconnection that was not extended. It’s as if you already know each other, as if you have “business to attend to”, but the connection is too brief to become another kind of soulmate.

Soulmate perfect lover

This is indeed the soulmate that we usually have as a concept of this word. He is an idealized person, who brings together the main characteristics above: familiarity, deep friendship, the feeling that they had known each other before, the intense connection, the changes it causes in his life, the overwhelming passion – but which is here to stay.

That person has a path similar to yours, faces a similar process and together you can walk the same path, if you find yourself in a good moment. It’s not easy to find a perfect love soul mate, in fact it’s something very rare. And there’s more: meeting at the right time for both. It could be that one of the two is in a relationship, and the perfect love soulmate becomes the lover soulmate. Or that you are heartbroken and just want to be a friendly soul mate. It’s a rare encounter,

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