What is Stubborn definition/concept/elaboration

We can call stubborn or stubborn anyone who takes a firm stand. In everyday language, terms that act as synonyms are used: big-headed, stubborn, turf or obstinate.

In principle, stubbornness expresses a negative tendency, as it is an inflexible or intransigent behavior . This unfavorable assessment can turn positive in some circumstances. If an individual is balanced, struggling and persistent in fulfilling his obligations or commitments, his stubbornness has a positive and appreciable sense.

Thus, the stubborn is someone who does not give an arm to cheer and does not listen to others

In return, there is an element of firmness and determination in his attitude. The perseverance and inflexibility are the two forms of stubbornness.

From an etymological point of view, the word stubborn comes from Latin, more specifically from forehead (which means head) and from rudis (what costs to learn), so its meaning means strict shows a person who has difficulty learning: a hardhead.

People who are stubborn show an emotional posture and are usually not very rational. This behavior is likely to have a sense of pride or self-love.

Stubbornness can be understood as a self-assertive response

We need to feel secure about our convictions and defend them vigorously; this gives us a certain personal security .

The stubborn maintains his stance strongly and without compromise, as he avoids doubting himself or even acknowledging that he could be wrong. His behavior generates an unfavorable reaction to others, even reaching the point of showing that it is not possible to dialogue with a stubborn person.

In the popular oral tradition, there are expressions and certain sayings that refer to these characteristics. For example: “riding the male” is an expression often used in Mexico to indicate that someone is stubborn or stubborn.

From the point of view of psychology, it is considered that the stubborn person is someone who resists change and rejects new things, since his stubbornness obeys an unconscious defense mechanism: “I stand firm and so I don’t have to go through no changes”.

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