What is Dialogue definition/concept/elaboration

Dialogue refers to a conversation between two or more people. It is probably the most natural form of communication .

We dialogue for several reasons: for a vital need ; to get to know our ideas and disturbances and, at the same time, to put us in contact with others. All this we do spontaneously, as shown by the natural expression of language .

Although the idea of ​​dialogue is simple, there are certain aspects worth remembering

Some classical Greek thinkers (especially Socrates) did not give much importance to written communication and defended their ideas through oral communication, therefore, dialogue. This was the most appropriate way to be able to defend ideas, to confront them with other people, as well as to try to reach a conclusion . The defense of dialogue had one objective: to reach the truth. This Socratic practice greatly influenced his most important disciple: Plato. To keep his master’s spirit, Plato wrote his works in dialogue form. The characters maintain an ongoing debate as a method to get closer to the truth.

In addition to everyday life, dialogue is part of literature through theatre, it is present in most psychological therapies and is an important tool for negotiation.

the inner voice

In one way or another we all have an inner dialogue. This relationship with ourselves is considered to be carried out between two mental dimensions: consciousness and unconsciousness.

The inner dialogue obeys the need to find a personal balance, because sometimes we ask more or less specific questions. It is advisable that these issues are properly addressed, that is, positively. When a person says, “Why does everything happen to me?” he is giving an unsatisfactory answer. On the other hand, if the question were “what is learned” it would be asking a question that invites you to a good dialogue.

Some psychologists claim that self-talk is decisive, as it conditions the image itself, as well as evaluating us.

If the self-talk is destructive or obsessive, it is recommended to use some strategy to be able to silence it (one of them would be to learn to listen to our interior, what tells us what we really want to do).

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