Difference between language and communication

While communication refers to the exchange of message or information from one person to another, either verbally or non-verbally. On the other hand, language is a method of human communication or the system through which two people interact. It is used in a particular region or community, to convey a message to one another with the use of words. In this article we will elaborate here the difference between language and communication.

In the communication process, language plays an important role. In fact, all living beings in this world communicate in their own language. These two terms are so closely intertwined that people cannot easily recognize their difference and end up using them synonymously. But in reality, there is a fine line of difference between language and communication.

Comparison chart

Basis for Comparison Language Communication
Meaning Language implies the communication system which is based on the verbal or non-verbal codes used in the transfer of information. Communication refers to the way of exchanging messages or information between two or more people.
What is it? Tool Process
stresses in Signs, words and symbols message
Occurs in First, in the ear canals All sensory channels
change Dynamic Static

Language Definition

Language is described as a tool that helps in the transmission of feelings and thoughts from one person to another. It is the means of expressing what a person feels or thinks, through symbols or arbitrarily produced sounds, such as words (spoken or written), signs, sounds, gestures, postures, etc., which convey a certain meaning.

Language is the only means of communication between two people, through which they can share their views, ideas, opinions and emotions with each other. It is intended to make sense of complex and abstract thinking and also without confusion. As a communication system, different languages ​​are used by people who reside in different areas or who belong to a different community.

Communication Definition

Communication is described as an act of exchanging ideas, information or messages from one person or place to another, through words or signs that are understood by both parties. Communication is vital to the organization because it is a primary means by which the organization’s members work with one another. It flows in various directions such as up, down, horizontally or diagonally.

Communication is a pervasive process, that is, it is necessary at all levels and types of the organization. It is a two-way activity, which consists of seven main elements, namely, sender, encoding, message, channel, receiver, decoding, and feedback. Getting feedback in the communication process is just as important as sending the message, because only then is the process complete. There are two communication channels, which are:

  1. Formal Communication
  2. Informal Communication

In addition, communication can be classified as:

  • verbal communication
  • Oral communication
  • written communication
  • Non verbal communication

Main differences between language and communication

The points presented below present the differences between language and communication in detail:

  1. The communication system that is based on the verbal or non-verbal codes used in the transfer of information is called Language. The way of exchanging messages or information between two or more people is called communication.
  2. A language is a communication tool, while communication is the process of transferring messages between each other.
  3. Language focuses on signs, symbols and wordsCommunication emphasizes the message.
  4. Before the invention of written words, language was confined to the ear canals. However, it can occur in visual, tactile and other sensory channels as well. On the other hand, communication takes place on all sensory channels.
  5. The fundamentals of communication do not change anything. On the other hand, new daily words are added to the language dictionary, so it changes every day.

We hope that you have understood the difference between language and communication.

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