What is Attitude/meaning/concept/elaboration

We can call a certain posture or a certain emotional disposition towards a specific topic an attitude. In a way, this concept refers to the way in which a given circumstance is evaluated from a psychic point of view.

In fact, an attitude usually refers to a psychological disposition related to an event that manifests itself in some specific action. From this perspective, it can be said that there are good or bad attitudes, insofar as they help an individual to adapt better to the outside world, in face of the various events of daily life to which he/she is exposed.

We are constantly having attitudes in relation to the different circumstances of existence, it can be said that there is no doubt about a generic or underlying attitude to our being, a circumstance that sooner or later is reflected in our behavior .

From a psychological point of view, attitude is one of the most studied phenomena

In fact, experience tells us that people can react differently to the same event. This can be fundamentally explained by the way they need to process such an event in order to measure its consequences in the future.

At times, an unfortunate circumstance can lead a person to deep depression that can only be overcome after many years, while at other times this type of situation can serve as a motivation. All these possibilities are largely related to the attitude that the person has inside.

The above leads us to clarify the concept of attitude to a mental disposition related to the events that a person experiences in his life

This type of circumstance allows the mind to function by processing information that comes from outside in a particular way, making these events to be evaluated positively or negatively. In a way, it can be said that this type of circumstance is due to the fact that for a healthy person any fact or situation has something to contribute. This is likened to psychic deviation, while aspects that need input are discarded.

People should have a more conscious attitude about the attitudes they manifest in their lives. These, without a doubt , can bring deeper consequences than those thought at first.

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