What is Secure and Insecure Attachment/meaning/concept

Attachment refers to the bond that the child has with their parents as a reference source from the first stage of life. However, the type of attachment can lead to a healthy attachment or, conversely, to an unstable attachment marked by anxiety . This reflects secure and insecure attachment. Secure and Insecure Attachment

Attachment is directly related to this close bond marked by love, that is, it is love and the desire to be loved that make a fundamental connection exist. One of the experts who has studied attachment the most is Mary Ainsworth.

Understanding the form of the feeling of security

A context of emotional stability that makes you grow up with emotional intelligence , joy, and delusion is a kind of attachment offered to the child. Thanks to the generous attitude of the father and mother, the children receive special affection. In this way, the child knows that their needs are taken into account. Secure and Insecure Attachment

This type of attachment is called insurance because the child begins to develop positive self-worth thanks to these self-esteem actions present in the first phase of life. The impact of secure attachment on a human being’s life has an influence even in adulthood and the person tends to have secure and stable personal relationships.

In a secure attachment context, the child learns to be himself, feels unique and exclusive to his parents. It is an unconditional love. Secure and Insecure Attachment

the insecure attachment

This type of attachment is also called detachment and is characterized by the child who fails to be heard in his or her needs. This experience makes the child reach adulthood and experience a sense of abandonment and exile, leaving wounds in their self-esteem and creating a distrust of bonding with others.

This type of insecure attachment is a result of the behavior of parents who encouraged their children’s independence from an early age, that is, it is not in accordance with the child’s vital age. For example, parents can minimize the meaning of their child’s crying with the belief that they are not over-spoiling. Secure and Insecure Attachment

It is worth noting that when a child experiences an insecure attachment, it does not mean that his parents did not want him, it happens that there are behaviors from a pedagogical point of view that can be improved because there is no real empathy with the child’s present needs. What does a child learn when he is questioned and doesn’t know what to do? Learn to repress your feelings . Secure and Insecure Attachment

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