What is Public Opinion definition/concept

The term public opinion refers to a set of considerations specific to the population. Generally, this expression refers to generalized opinions about  politics, economics and all matters of public interest that present themselves in a certain community. Public opinion is studied mainly in the area of ​​ politics as a means of knowing the trends of the electorate . In large part, it is reflected in the means of communication, although there is ongoing research to meet her. Given the importance acquired in the decision-making process of a country, the fraudulent manipulation carried out in surveys should not be surprising. Public Opinion

Within society there is a constant debate about the main issues of its development. This circumstance is not new and can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where it was common for citizens to debate relevant issues. In the current case, these debates are far from being centralized and can be registered in a multitude of situations. Thus, a series of opinions solidifies and becomes common. In this regard, the press has an important role to play in opinions, but which in a way can be directed. Public opinion develops in the same way as a body of knowledge on matters that are important to the residents of a society .

Sometimes, given its importance, opinion tries to be directed. Thus, for example, in totalitarian regimes, there are certain postures and opinions that are systematically pursued and their publication is avoided. In this context, the goal is that some ideas about the functioning of society do not circulate to prevent others from adopting. Following the same criterion, what is intended is to circulate some specific ideas, generally complacent with regard to the order of things. However, this attempt has been shown to be ineffective in the long run, but over time, generalized opinions are filtered out, especially if the results do not match reality .

As mentioned above, given the importance that public opinion exerts on the decisions of a given group, there is a frequent poll of researchers hired by political parties. In fact, these results and knowledge serve to get the voters’ attention and thus gain votes.

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