Context and environment/Difference context and environment


This term comes from the Latin contextus, related to the material context and the abstract context . It is the set of material and abstract circumstances that occur around a fact and are proven. Differences between context and environment

The context comes from reliable sources or people to place us in a suitable emotional environment. If this is not the case, it can affect interpersonal relationships in a negative way.

In linguistics is the context, which is studied by pragmatics. This allows to classify the text in micro text if the answer is given by an immediate word or macro text, when the context is formed by different elements. For communication and linguistics the context gives meaning to the message.

Context is the grouping of the specific circumstances of place and time.


It is the entire environment that surrounds living beings, where they develop their life and activities. It also includes the environment. Differences between context and environment

For computing, the environment is one that contains a set of characteristics that define the place and how an application is executed.

Differences between context and environment

  1. Context is the sense of the environment. That is everything that places us in a specific place and time, giving us specific meanings.
  2. The environment is the whole environment that surrounds us and where we carry out our daily activities. It is the space where we live.
  3. The context is that which groups the specific circumstances of time and place.
  4. For linguistics, the context is one that gives meaning to the text. It can be given by a word or by a set of phrases in the text. Differences between context and environment
  5. A context is the set of circumstances that surround a fact or event.
  6. The environment is the entire environment that surrounds us.

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